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You don't need much hard work but much continuity here, ask me how?

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1 year ago
Topics: Staying active

Hey You! Please don't place your mind on the above expression as to attaching so much meaning to it but i'd rather you join me in this discussion so that we will know why we need more of the continuity rather than we need of the hard work.

In addition, before we will look more into the discussion of the above, it is very vutal that we look into their meanings and from there, we will then understand what it means an d where to pick from.

Therefore, i urge you all to join as look first into hard work.

What is Hard Work?

This in a simple google explanation means a great deal of effort or endurance. To everyone, this context of hard work may well be drfined in different contexts that based on application and as such, in my own context, i would rather tell you that hard work is defined as that great deal of efforts or endurance that are directed into anything we do to earn or be healthy and keep the body in shape.

This hard work can be said to be the abilities we have to think outside the box which will materialize or stir us to greater heights or it could be the direct energy we exacerbate directly into either a paid job or those we do for ourselves but in all, it must be understood that anything to be called a hard work should involve effort in a great way which suggests a dispensation of energy in what we do isn't it? Yes is my answer as I don't know of yours.

Having said that however, we then move into the next thing on the line of contention being continuity and all we need to know that it represents for a better understanding and for the due process of learning as well.

What is Continuity?

This according to the google meaning, is said to be that unbroken and consistent existence or operation of something overtime.

I really do want us to take note of the two key words in that above definition of continuity being: " unbroken and consistent".

Yes being unbroken means to not fractured, not broken, not damaged or shattered in anyway but remaining always the same. What does this suggest to you if i may ask?

Then the second being consistent means the acting or the doing of things in the same way over and over again and again especially, with the intent to be fair and so accurate.

Granted, we now have their both meanings( hard work and continuity) and why we should see each one of them both in relation to how they apply to us in the things we do in life.

For some of us, we do some kinds of hard work like the tilling of the ground to farm to farm especially for all those using the same old form of peasant farming method to cultivate the soil for food in case they are food crops or for gains in case they are cash crops. Whichever way or line it falls into, energy is required in those aspects given the nature of the job done there.

Also take the example of a man exercising his body, what he eventually and for sure needs to do all that with very successfully is nothing more than his raw energy which should be placed at its best for him to be able to keep on carrying which rather suggests the ability to remain consistent as well as they two big words on our discuss today are well interwoven to compliment eachother.

Then also, take or picture yourself using the platform by way of your livelihood or by way of gaining some passive income or anything near them both, what you really need at this point and at all time is continuity which suggests an application of consistency which are unbroken right? Which are not intermittent right? Which are not fractured right? And many more of it and by all standard do not need an energy dispensation that much to get them done even though some little amount of energy is required of you to write and make comments deligently without making any mistake which the cautious mindset that your power house of the head which the brain dispenses brings forth given my above arguement about them both (hard work and continuity) being interwoven and the fact that you may have been tired especially from the day's activities having dispensed much energies working huh? Hehehehe...

In all, i suggest that you remain ever steadfast and very committed to doing the things you know how to do best here as the rewards seems larger than what we currently think of and have as an imagination in our always expectant large hearts.

Therefore, i greet you all today with the best of wishes, regards. ..

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Written by   82
1 year ago
Topics: Staying active
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