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The things I learnt while growing up

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1 year ago

My name is samuel and i'm fondly called sammy1 by those close to me and as a result of that, sammy1 has become my username in virtually all the platforms i found myself even here in

I grew up in a family of 7 of which i'm but the second son and the very third to the last child in our blood line.

Growing up for me was a kind of mixed with both the little we had to manage in life with and the happiness that was placed on our faces by our parents even in the midst of less.

When i was but a child, i felt that life was but a "bed of roses", as i was tamned and pampered in such a way that should be befitting of the other children who were my mates back in the days despite our little means in

I was always taken to school on any available means of transport especially, the motorbike since my father could not afford the luxury of a car from the little he was paid.

Before i'm taken to school by sometimes my father and most of the times, my mother, my meals (the breakfast and the lunch i'm to take to school in my lunch bag) was already prepared for me and i'm still given some nice fresh drinkables that usually keeps my day going.

Even when i'm back from school, i was always assured of something to fill my hungry stomarch with irrespective of the fact that i have had my lunch already which i took to school in my lunch bag.

I was given a good education as my father never missed out on paying my little more expensive school fees as at and when due.

My sandals and the uniforms i wore to school were always as a result of the loving provisions by my both parents who tirelessly worked ever hard in ensuring all those provisions were made for not just me, but for my other siblings as well.

Even at times when my parents would quarrel, they ensured none of us ever got to know about it hence they settled their differences as fast as they had initially started it.

The good things we all enjoyed from our parents seemed more like a daily routine irrespective of the little they both earn and from the little they did back then to earn what they still managed to see us through in life with.

Situations at that time wasn't rosy, but I guarantee you that our parents always struggled to make sure we fed well and lacked nothing despite their little earning in life.

However, the situation then took a big twist the moment our father died when I was still very very young and mom had to call us all for a family meeting while she explained the fact that the demise of our father was like a very very massive subtraction from even the least we had to settle for back then and that she would not be able to cater for all our needs alone as a poor single widow.

While she said those things, i honestly never understood the angle she was coming from as my feelings about life then was all about making the neccessary provisions for us to strive and be happy irrespective of how they toiled each day to make those ends meet, but little did i know that life is indeed but "a thing appearing in a while and also, disappearing in a twinkle of an eye".

"That thought about life being like a "thing appearing in a while and also disappearing in a twinkle of an eye", would end up guiding me through my journey of life".

I grew up into becoming an adult and that was after my tertiary education and then, i immidiately applied for jobs at different companies but did manage to get one and the one i got happened to be in the aviation industry whereby leave from jobs and other rests methodologies were a mere mirage and things quite difficult to come by.

The job i got makes me to wake up so early in the morning in order to get myself ready and avoid being queried at the office as much as a potential sack given the rate of unemployment in Nigeria that almost stand at a massive 100% and still growing.

I would also prepare my food and ensure to the tidying of the house where i live and this i can guarantee you was absolutely very tiring since I had no one doing them or some of them for me, notwithstanding taking care of my other utility bills like the payment of my electricity bills, my house rent, my waste management bills, my security levies and many other payable bills that fall on utility that almost leaves me with a mere token to home, amidst sending some money to my mom on a monthly basis for her up keep, what a life!

It was a daily routine and at once, i remembered all that my parents would have to cover up for us their children as at a time we all taught it was our rights but now i am facing the world to the fullest and have began seeing those things my parents foresaw while making those loving provisions for us all and that was how hard and how difficult it was to earn and how wise it was to spend as much as the need to value every pennies and shillings that came to me.

Yes, i can assure myself that i've really learnt a lot across time especially on how my parents would ensure that even the smallest amounts amounted to something very useful when applied into the family way.

I can also assure you that i have also learnt the lesson of making a loving provisions by ensuring i send in some money to my mom for her monthly up keep and I do that so much with joy and happiness as was said of my parents back then. So that she could be taken away from such harsh life as can be seen from the picture below of our former room before now

I can also assure you that i've learnt the settlement of disputes just the same ways my parents handled thiers by not letting any of us their offsprings know about their issues which they end up calmly resolving as fast as they had started it.

Finally, i've also learnt to always work very hard and to believe in what the future that lies ahead holds for us all after all,

there just can't be any food for the lazy man - be wise!👌

Image credit: my phone gallery and by me.

What have you learnt across time?

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Written by   82
1 year ago
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We have to get out there and make sure we earn our food and take nothing for granted, what is the head on the mattress?

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1 year ago

Thank for sharing this with us on read,Truly said there is really no food for lazy,Your parents taught you really well

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1 year ago

There is really no food for the lazy:) I am proud you picked up the teaching and guids from your parents. It is well. Have a beautiful day

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1 year ago

I salute to you parents. They do the right thing to raise you and also to your siblings. We must do the same also.

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1 year ago