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How to handle Domestic, School and Road Accidents.

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Many at times, we may have been involved in one accidents or the other which we may not know what right name to call it when it happens and how to handle the situation as well and right in this article, i shall be revealing to us some of those accidents and the better/best ways of handling them when they do happen to us or anyone we know or some persons around the vicinity where we find ourselves.

What is an accident?

This can be defined as an unexpected thing that happens unintentionally and results in a damge or death. But the death here arev in some severe cases of such accidents.

Home or Domestic accident

These are injuries that occur where we live in our various homes.

So many accidents that occur at home may be due to negligence or carelessness and it can occur in the home in such areas such as the; kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, toilets, inside the compound and et cetera, while those of the accidents that may occur in these areas at homes can be; cuts, burns, poisoning, drowning, bites, fracture, fall, sprain, electrocution, choking, bruises, and et cetera.

For a proper understanding and care, i will take a few of the above mentioned kinds of accidents that may occur at home namely:

- Cuts

This is an opening in the skin as a result of the piercing a skin is subjected to by a sharp object. It may also be as a result of puncture, fall, bites, et cetera.

It can be treated applying the following first aid methods incase it happens to either us or some other persons known to either us or not below.

  • By applying some pressure in order to stop the bleeding.

  • By applying an antiseptic liquid to the affected part or area.

  • After the application of the first two steps and then, the blood doesnot stop, it may require stitches which means that a doctor would have to be called upon to help out.

- Burns and scald.

These are damages that are caused to the skin or body by hot liquid, electricity, sunlight, harsh chemicals, heat, acid, et cetera, these ones are for the burns, whereas, Scald injuries are caused by hot liquids, building fires, flammable gases, et cetera and they can be treated using the following first aid steps:

  • By placing the affected part under cold running water for some minutes.

  • By not breaking the blisters if any.

  • By applying moisturizers in order to relieve pains.

  • By taking a pain reliever.

Note: blisters in the second listed point means boils or some round swollen part on your skin resulting from the burns from hot water or chemicals.

- Electrocution

This is an injury caused by the shock from an electricity when a person's body comes in a direct contact with an electric source.

Our bodies as humans are conductors of both heat and electricity due to the electric current that passes right inside our body systems and as such, could be electrocuted when our bodies comes in a direct contact with it.

It vcan be treated using the following first aid steps:

  • By turning off the source of the electricity or moving it awayv from the victim as fast as possible.

  • By inspecting to know whether the victim is still breathing.

  • By preventing the victim to be chilled that is, having a cold body where the blood would have congealed as a result of non flow of it to other parts of the body that can keep a person alive.

  • By pouring plenty milk in the mouth of the victim to drink.

- Poisoning.

The most common and scientifically proven are the chemical and food poisoning.

Food poisoning occurs when people eat food that are contaminated with bacteria, viruses, parasites or even when people eat toxxic food such as poisonous mushrooms, fishes and some vegetables as well.

The first aid needed for the treatment of a person suffering from either chemical or food poisoning is to allow the victim drink plenty of water in order to keep the victim's body hydrated and then call for medical help.

- School Accidents.

These are injuries that happen or occur in the school. These accidents may happen in the class room, the school's playground, the school's toilet facilities, the school's laboratories, hostels and et cetera.

The common types of school accidents include the following:

  • Falls as a result of play or a bad seats or chairs that could result in a sprain, cut, strain and et cetera.

  • Burns resulting from concentrated acid or base acid, hot water and many more.

  • Fainting resulting from overcrowding and poor ventilation.

  • Bruises resulting from fighting and bullying amongst students against their fellows.

Causes of School Accidents.

  • Disobedience to school's rules and regulations.

  • Dilapidated buildings and slippery grounds.

  • In proper usage of the sporting aparatus and machines.

  • Lack of skills.

  • Carelessness and negligence.

- Road Accident.

These are the kinds of accidents that occur on the road when a moving car collides with another moving car, a pedsetrian, and a stationary object/vehicle, et cetera.

Road accidents are caused by negligence, over-speeding by some reckless drivers, mechanical faults, bad roads, inexperience in driving, health issues, drowsiness, eye defect, drug abuse, alcohol consumption, careless overtaking of other vehicles and many more.

These accidents can be treated using the following first aid ways:

  • By assessing the accident victim So as to know the degree of injuries sustained.

  • Attending to the most quiet of the accident victims because they are the most injured persons or victims.

  • Applying the ABC of first aid first to the victims.

  • Never you feed the accident victim through the mouth with water or food to avoid shocking.

  • By calling the medical helpline - 999

  • And finally, never ever forget to relate the issue and the condition of the victim when help arrives after calling 999 to the doctor ok.

- fracture.

This occurs when there is a break of the bones and there are dufferent kinds of fractures namely:

  • Compound fracture or open fracture: This occurs when the broken bone pierces and causes and opening on the skin.

  • Complicated fractures: this occurs when a bone is broken and there is also a damage done to the internal organ.

  • Greenstick fracture: this occur in children mostly and it is a time when their bones are not completely broken.

  • Multiple fracture: this results to several breakages in the bones.

  • Impacted fracture: this results in a broken bone being driven into another.

  • Simple close fracture: this occurs in a situation whereby the bone is broken but the skin remains intact.

The first aid treatment for fractured bones are as follows:

  • By immobilizing the injured part.

  • By applying some ice to reduce swelling and ease pains.

  • By stopping the bleeding using an application of force to the wound using a sterile bandage or a clean cloth.

  • By calling some medical assistance if the situation grows more than what first aid could do.

I believe everyone has been helped to know what these accidents are and how to handle such situations when they do occur.

Hope my article is helpful right? If so, never you ever fail to subscribe😊.

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Written by   82
1 year ago
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But, how does pouring milk in the mouth help electrocuted victims

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What an advisory ariticle that is based on health this is

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