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Does success neccesarilly mean being rich?

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1 year ago

The word success could mean a lot of things to many persons out there given the available situation at that time but then, for we to really understand the word success and the meaning it holds, we must first look into that word success very critically.

What is success?

Success is simply the accomplishment that result from our aim. With this success definition however, it is very clear and quite easy for us to detect fully, what success truly represnts.

When accomplishing our aims, we are said undoubtedly to be successful and such aims of us however can come in varieties of ways that's for sure and it does come or happen, then we can be sure to say we are toeing the pathways of success.

What has been the argument so far?

Hardly would you ask a common man on the street to point out a successful man that he would not bodly point out wealthy individuals as the only successful persons amongst us given their high controls and ownerships of economic and financial power.

To such persons above, his argument as can be seen from the body of words above is that success or for one to be called a successful man or woman, then he must be wealthy and his reasons are not far-fetched at all since he could argue that the successful man or woman has the financial power to buy his way out of a very difficult situation or even balance and give his life the best in terms of what life needs to be kept within all careful watch.

In all truism, i was always fond of thinking that same way too in the past but as knowlege kept becoming ever brighter given the fact that we are still in the learning process, that my initial thought and the perceptive of believing that only a wealthy person is or should be said to be a successful person, was quickly changed as fast as it had come filtering my mind.

Moreover, in my recent line of thought and argument, i feel a successful person or the ability to be successful does not neccessarily go to a wealthy man or woman alone or the act of being wealthy alone. Who then is to be pronouced a successful person if my argument is in negation to the original believe and thought of people as regards Who reserves the right to be called a successful man or woman?

Who then is a successful person?

This is a big massive call for reasoning and as such, require the most carefulness in analysing it for a better understanding.

Let us see out to this illustration in understanding what success means or in understanding what a successful person implies, does and owns that makes him unconditionally successful.

Take this examples:

A teacher.

A teacher is an educator, a tutor, an instructor who teaches in many fields he's deemed capable of handling.

Yes these teachers are often not the richest in the society or even the most famous the society has ever seen or heard of given how the society itself was structured to behave at large yet, he or she (a teacher) has what it takes to teach someone to be become successful in life.

Take a while to think of a prrofessor in an academic field of study was taught to become a professor by a teacher and hence such a professor is said to be successful having being able to have assumed the highest ranking position within the confinement of a school authority, how about the teachers who had taught him right from the very onset to that level of academic excellence by becoming a don of a particular school, are not successful individuals as well?

A doctor.

This is a person who read disease process in a high school which he then makes use of to apply to his sick and injured patients for the main purpose of saving a life. Yes, such a person could be said to be successful going by the fact that he had professionally being able to save a multititude of lives when called upon to do so and according to the detects of his profession.

Then think also, the ones that taught him to become what he is today, can we also think about them too as being successful?

Take this last scenario because of our time, a one time American president by name president Barack Obama bcame a president not because he was the most astitute at that time but because he was well taught very well within the finest and most refined line of politics which he also capped by reading a lot of books that are very motivational in meaning as he quoted many pages from such books he had read.

The result was that the Americans loved him so much and wanted him to become their president when he declared his interest in the exalted position given rampant and free quoting styles as much as his readiness politically in handling the politics of America aright.

President Obama was said to be successful during and after his tenure as a former president of the United States of America (U.S.A) and recieved many accolades for his outstanding contributions towards moving the interest of America forward.

Now we only see Mr Barack Obama as the main successful person here without giving due considerations to the motivational books he had read that played a very key role in ensuring he quoted words of widom which his people, the Americans saw, loved and elected him to represent them at the healm of affairs.

What about all those that aided his campaign in becoming what he was then, would it be also said that they are not successful individuals as well?

Take it or leave it, success is a ladder that starts from the scratch and hence that is so of sucess, then anyone who has tasted success at a point in time in their lives, should always remember that he or she never metamorphosed himself or herself into such a position of success, but that he or she rather rather started from a point that is almost seen as a point zero before the main rise to the occassion will occur.

Note: riches or wealth also guarantees success as i want to be understood right but my argument remains that it is not always so given the above facts i had initially given if you are reading through after all, it is only but success that can guarantee riches or wealth period.

What have you learnt now?

Good morning and God bless.

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Written by   82
1 year ago
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Success is in your mind. If you think you are a successful person then you are.

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1 year ago

The write up is so true. Being successful is not just measured the the wealth acquired. I know most of us are victims of this truth and till today we still fall in line with those that categorized success as money in the account. Wealth is success per time.

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1 year ago