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"Paying it Forward" Contest - 50 Proof of Brain (POB) tokens up for grabs

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1 year ago

I have now been active in Proof of Brain for a full 2 months and have been loving every minute of it. I log in every day and have posted 24 articles over my short time here, 25 if you include this one, which is averaging just under 3 articles a week. I love curating as much as I love writing.

Learning and growing through positive engagement with others in the POB community brings me great joy! I received a lot of encouragement from @jaxsonmurph who helped me onto the Hive and Proof of Brain and provided me with a lot of support and guidance, including delegation of tokens to get me started and I am so very much appreciative of this kindness, and knew that one day I wanted to start to pay that forward.

I recently won a contest on Proof of Brain hosted by @nonsowrites and won a very generous 100 POB tokens which is now enabling me to do just that! I knew as soon as I won it that I wanted to give back half of it to help brand new members in the Proof of Brain community, to lend them a hand, to give them that little bump up the ladder that I got. However, I also wanted to ensure that I was promoting the values held dear to the Proof of Brain community, including engagement with others, using your brain, support of your fellow members, and investment in the community.

So, here we are with a little contest of my own on the Proof of Brain platform. If it gets enough traction and support, I would love to see it make a more regular appearance on Proof of Brain.

If you are not already on Proof of Brain, now is the time to join and enter my contest :-)

There are three prizes up for grabs; the first 2 for brand new Proof of Brain members and the 3rd for any member of the Proof of Brain community, regardless of how long you have been on the platform.

All new member participants' names will be entered into to create a randomised output listing.

First prize: 25 Powered up POB
The first person in the randomised output list who also satisfies the below listed 6 requirements will win 25 Powered up POB, a follow from me and a reblog of one of their recent posts.

2nd prize: 15 Powered up POB
The 2nd person in the randomised output list who also satisfies the below listed 6 requirements will win 15 Powered up POB, a follow from me and a reblog of one of their recent posts.

3rd prize: 10 Powered up POB
Finally, the "reply comment" to any of the "entry" comments on this post, that I personally like the most, will win 10 Powered up POB, a follow from me and a reblog of one of their recent posts. This last one is to encourage thoughtful responses and positive engagement with each other.

Winning either of the first 2 prizes does not preclude you from winning this bonus prize if your comment is deemed the best engagement, in my personal opinion. It could be serious, touching, uplifting or funny, just the one that I liked the most!

So the premise of this contest is that to be in with a chance to win one of the first 2 prizes, you just need to be able to give a tick to the following 6 requirements:

  1. You joined Proof of Brain on/after 01 July 2021 (ie: you are a brand new member)

  2. You have posted at least 10 constructive comments on other members' posts on Proof of Brain (ie: proved active engagement on the platform)

  3. You have posted at least 5 articles of your own using the Proof of Brain frontend (ie: you are using your brain) If you are an August joiner, this requirement is reduced to 2 articles :-)

  4. You have followed at least 5 people on Proof of Brain AND reblogged at least 1 article from another member (ie: you are supporting fellow members)

  5. You have staked / powered up at least 50% of your total POB earnings to date, regardless of value, (ie: you are investing in the community)

  6. If you have done all of the aforementioned in 1-5 , then please comment briefly (approx 3-4 lines will suffice) on my contest post on the Proof of Brain platform about your experience of Proof of Brain so far and you will be entered in the contest for one of the first 2 prizes. You can find me @samsmith1971 and the contest post [here](

To win the 3rd prize, simply reply to someone's else's entry comment on the Proof of Brain contest post and I'll pick my favourite reply.

I will keep the contest open for 7 days which gives everyone the chance to meet the requirements, if you haven't done so already ;-)

All new member entrants will get a 100% upvote from me on their entry comment only. Any other upvotes to further engagement on this post with other entrants will be at my discretion and at 25% upvote.

If you are reading this and are new to Proof of Brain, I do hope you are motivated to take part, and, if you are not new, and see the value in this contest, a reblog to reach more new members would be appreciated.

I will be away next weekend celebrating my birthday when this contest comes to an end. I will take my laptop with me but will primarily be focussing on enjoying my time with my family. I will also be restricted to hot spotting from my phone lol so may therefore only be able to review the entries by Tues 17th, but will ensure all winners are sent their POB prize tokens by midnight Tues 17th British Summer time. I currently power up all my POB tokens but I have purposely kept 50 POB unstaked in my wallet purely to cover this contest.

Good luck and welcome to Proof of Brain and Paying It Forward #PIF :-)

(already anticipating the smart ass comments to roll in on this hashtag lol)

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Written by   35
1 year ago
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Looks like you're very active over at POB. Great to hear. Also, an early birthday wishes to you. Have a great one!

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11 months ago

ha! Can you believe I just spotted all the little red +1 on my older posts! And now I know what it means...a new comment that I haven't read lols. so sorry to have missed yours! Hope you're enjoying POB :-)

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11 months ago

LOL. We do learn something new each day! I've yet to be able to start in POB. Wrote an article but was unable to post it. Started reading ryzeonline's guide but haven't finished it yet. So detailed and I think I should get a degree once I finished both his guides. Wish me luck. LOL.

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11 months ago

It is quite a thing getting started but once you are on, man it's great and it becomes so much more intuitive and easy to follow and people are so friendly and helpful too.

$ 0.00
11 months ago

If there's anything specific you want to know, just shout mate!

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11 months ago