That stuffed feeling inside you, That ache inside your heart. All those people They want to tear you apart. They dance on your wrecked heart, They smile in your sorrow You cry all the time, But still hope for a better tomorrow, Your parents, they don't understand, And you have no friends. All of them, they turned on you. But you are still alive, That tells me you are a survivor. Stay that way! I know life is hard, And I know it will get harder. But God is with you. I know that you are a true star. You are Just hidden, By some jealous clouds, Trying to hide your shine, But they won't succeed. You shine too bright, You will break through them. You are halfway there. Look! How sure I am, That I forgot to rhyme. But I do know for sure, That bullying is a crime.

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@Sajjadangaria22 posted 2 years ago