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Scientists in the UK are testing a new drug that could prevent a person infected with the Cronavarious from developing the disease, covide-19, and experts hope it could save several lives. Therapy will provide immediate immunity against the epidemic, while it can also be used as an emergency treatment in hospitals.

In homes where a person is infected with covide-19, injecting the drug with their occupants will ensure that they do not become ill. Researchers say it can also be used in areas where the virus is present. The risk of spreading is high.

Dr Catherine Hollian, a virologist at London College University Hospital, who is leading the research team on the drug, said: "If we are able to prove that this treatment is effective and prevent covid-19 in people who carry the virus. Maybe, it will be a better weapon in the fight against this deadly virus.

The drug is being developed by London College University Hospital and Swedish pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca, which has previously worked on the Oxford University Covide-19 vaccine. The research team expects the drug to be based on a combination of antibodies. People will get protection from covide-19 to 6 to 12 months. The people involved in the trial and 2 doses of this drug are being used and if approved, it will be used by people who have been using it for the last 8 days. I've met someone with covide-19.

Researchers expect that the study will be able to obtain regulatory approval after reviewing the evidence and will be publicly available by March or April. It will be tested in 100 locations around the world and first at London College University Hospital. The trial involved people who are being given the drug or placebo. Dr. Catherine said that so far 10 people have been injected with the drug at home, at a hospital or at an educational institution. Have encountered.

These individuals are now being tested to see how many of them are diagnosed with covide-19. With immediate protection from the drug, it will reduce the spread of the virus, during which time the supply of vaccines will be possible. The advantage of the drug is that it will provide people with instant antibodies, people who use it will also be able to use the vaccine, but it takes several weeks for the vaccine to provide complete protection.

Paul Hunter, a professor of medicine at the University of East Anglia, said the new treatment would dramatically reduce the death rate from cod. He said it could save many lives by helping older people at risk of severe covid-19. The drug also includes AZD7442, an antibody combination developed by AstraZeneca. Monoclonal antibodies have been used in AZD7442 instead of injecting antibodies against the disease in the body.

AstraZeneca's trial documents, registered in the United States, show that AZD-7442 is effective in preventing disease in people who go into the environment. It targets the spike protein of the corona virus, which causes the virus. It does not enter human cells and people do not get the disease. In a separate trial, London College University Hospitals are also testing whether it can protect people with weakened immune systems, such as Cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy.

Both trials have now entered the third and final phase. Dr Richard Jarvis, co-chairman of the British Medical Association's Public Health Committee, said the best protection from the Covid-19 would be possible for the majority of the population, but the trials were successful. If so, this will be a new treatment that can be introduced immediately.

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Topics: Health, Crovid-19