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3 months ago

Friends, good noon from my side.

Today I would like to share with you that how I joined your amazing platform

Due to the closure of schools during lockdown in my country, I had to become jobless. I teach in a private school and private school owners don't pay salaries to the teachers of their schools during lockdowns here. As I am a family man, I have to earn bread and butter for my family. I began to search some work online to feed my family. English is not my national language but I can write blogs being an English teacher in my country. I know here I am among big shots and not like you but I will try my best to publish here quality content which will be meaningful as well. On Uptrennd I was appreciated a lot. I joined Uptrennd University also and improved my writing skills from there.

I was writing blogs on Uptrennd for some months. I joined that platform during the lockdown. I wrote more than five hundred blogs there. Due to the low price of 1up I had to look for some another earning site. I came across and here I met a lovely friend who suggested me to join

I joined it yesterday and published my first post named " my journey". That was an introductory post in which I told my readers how I became a teacher. Below you may find the link of that post

As I am new here I don't know rules of this site for which I will need your support. I don't know how long a post should be. Even I don't know how can I withdraw from here lol. Well I will see it later after accumulating some dollars in my wallet.

I liked read cash very much because of its features. It's an amazing platform and I am feeling lucky to join it. I want to be well known here as I am on Uptrennd. I want to improve my writing skills. I have passion of writing so I write for my inner satisfaction. I am new here now but as time passes I will be confident here too and will make you read my amazing articles on different topics.

Please support me and remove my flaws. Nobody is perfect and everyone learns till his death. I wish all of you a happy new year. May this year bring success, prosperity and health for you 💜.

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3 months ago
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