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10 correct rules for meditation.

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2 years ago

Or meditation is a very common practice, but most people meditate for some initial mistake but are completely deprived of its benefits. So today I will learn 10 rules of meditation from which it is possible to correct small and unknown mistakes

1. Preparation method:

The first rule is to give yourself time to relax or get in the right position before starting the preparation method or meditation.

This is because the restless mind will gradually make you impatient and the mind very restless every minute, even if you follow the meditation process in this state, it is not possible to achieve complete peace, satisfaction.

So of course everyone should pay special attention to relax and balance their body first. By which the mind can be easily fixed or centered without any problem.

The simplest way to relax and balance your body is to take deep breaths

2. Belief:

Belief is the fear of all kinds of pursuits and spiritual practices, starting from meditation. Because it is not possible to achieve the perfection of any work without our complete faith.

And the biggest mistake that people make in the process of meditation is to practice daily meditation with disbelief, which is actually the same as doing or not doing.

So the second important rule is that whenever you start a meditation or meditation practice, do it with complete faith and trust, only then the meditation process itself will be completely successful and it will be possible to get its full benefits.

3. Proper language processing:

Meditation The first big mistake that most people make is to start practicing the process of meditation in a language other than Bengali, the language they speak everyday.

There is nothing wrong with the process of other languages, the problem is on the brain's thinking and receptive power which helps to accept one's own language as easily.

This is not so easy with the process of other languages ​​because the brain cannot keep up with the rhythm easily, which hinders the meditation center. So always take a meditation course in a language that you understand well.

4. Time limit:

There is no set time limit for the meditation process, because the whole process depends on your perception. Not everyone has the same level of perception and depth of perception, so it is not possible to set a time limit for the meditation process.

And the third important rule is not to set any time for any obstacle in your meditation practice, because

Properly covered, it will withstand a great deal of adverse conditions.

5. Body posture or seat:

Take our body a lot like a water pipe, if there is a block or obstruction in the middle of the pipe, water cannot reach from one side to the other.

In the same way, when you meditate in the wrong way, the flow of energy in the body is stopped, and energy cannot reach all parts of the body.

And the main source of this energy flow is the human spine, which is called the foundation of meditation on which the depth and perception of the meditation process depends. So while meditating, you should keep your spine straight without any support.

And meditation should be completed by specific asanas, such as Sukhasana, Padmasana and Vajrasana which help in deep meditation.

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6. Location or currency:

The hand plays an important role during meditation which many people do not know, as a result of which one makes a mistake without knowing it and puts the hand in the wrong position.

Because our hand or hand posture is able to activate the various energy systems of our body, and with the right posture it is possible to double the depth of our meditation.

According to the correct rules, during meditation or meditation, one should keep one's hand in the posture of meditation or knowledge or keep the palm of the hand upside down. This balances the breathing and allows energy to flow properly in the body.

7. Feelings and Feelings:

Meditation is not the realization of any imaginary or random world. The main goal of meditation is a self-fulfilling prophecy of realizing the present and inner reality.

So trying to feel something imaginary outside of real life is just a waste of time.

8. Explore or Explore:

One of the rules of the meditation process is to explore the meditation process with specific guidance. See, meditation is not the formula of any math book, it is the path of self-discovery and realization.

In this way, the symbol needs the right guidance and the right guru to explore all the possibilities that lie dormant within oneself.

The first stage of meditation, such as learning, the second stage of OA is not to be afraid to explore yourself, because the time for realizing the truth is very limited for people.

9. Less use of mobile and headphones:

We use mobile and headphones in the early stages of learning our online meditation, but the problem is that this meditation is an internal process that is complete which is a process detached from external stimuli.

Therefore, according to the rules, in the field of meditation, mobile and headphones are used in the field at the beginning, but it is better not to use one breath later. You will only get the effect in its entirety.

10. Thought-free effort:

Meditation means that many people think that the brain is trying to clear the mind and this futile effort is going on every day many people, which is a complete waste of time.

One aspect of meditation is to give the right direction to one's thoughts, not to empty one's thoughts. So give up the thoughtless effort and give your thoughts the right direction with your meditation process.

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Written by   71
2 years ago
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So true indeed. I find especially true points about the Spine and time

I used to try to sit against the wall sometimes or i would not keep my back straight until 1 time during my meditation i received a vision that made it very clear that if i want to do it properly the spine must be perfectly straight and any discomfort will dispear shortly afterwards as the energy from can reach all the right place exactly as you said in this article.

And time, oh thats a big one. Times is a no no no. Just go with the flow and your inner being knows how long you can handle today . Good luck all.

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1 year ago

Very informative article. Thank you.

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2 years ago


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2 years ago

Very nice article bro.carry on.

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2 years ago

I well try

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2 years ago