Various reasons for the constant crying of the newborn

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It is normal and healthy for a newborn to cry out loud after birth. But when the baby cries incessantly for a few days after birth, many do not understand why the baby is crying. Many people take this baby's crying as normal. But is this baby's crying really normal ???

No ... not at all.

It is normal for a baby to cry 3-4 times in 24 hours without any reason till the first three months after birth. But crying more than that means you have to understand that the baby must be having a problem.

★ Now let's find out exactly what causes a baby to cry ---

1. When the baby is hungry, the baby cries.

2. The child cries when he does not have the presence of parents (especially mother) around him.

3. Seeing the unfamiliar face, he cried in fear.

4. Wet and damp places are another reason for baby crying.

5. The baby cries when he falls asleep.

6. Babies cry when they feel too hot or cold.

7. If water gets into the child's ear due to carelessness, the child cries in pain.

8. Babies cry because of abdominal pain or cramps.

We all know the above reasons. But how many of us know about the pain or cramps in the baby's abdomen ???

★How do we know if the baby has a stomach ache or cramps ???

=> If you put light pressure on the baby's stomach with your hands, if you see the baby crying, then you will understand that the baby's stomach is hurting. And many times the extra pain can also cause the baby to have a stomach ache.

★ Now let's find out the cause of abdominal pain in the baby ---

=> One of the causes of abdominal pain in a child is acidity or indigestion. Which is known in medical science as "infantile colic". The word colic means severe pain in the lower abdomen due to gas or any other problem.

★What can we do in this situation ??

=> We can seek medical help if we want. But it is not advisable to take the child to the hospital at this time. And the application of antigas syrup did not match the evidence of much.

★In this case we may have something to do at home. They are ---

1. Light pressure on the baby's lower abdomen with both feet, like riding a bicycle, often causes gas to escape. As a result the child gets relief.

2. Wrap the baby in a thin comfortable cotton cloth so that the baby can move less. This will make the baby fall asleep and calm down.

3. For some time after feeding, if the baby's head is placed on his neck and light pressure is applied on his back, the gas that has accumulated inside the stomach comes out in the form of belching. As a result the child gets relief.

4. The position of the baby in the lap can be changed, it gives the baby some comfort.

5. And last but not least, the headline made you read this article.

So let’s try to know the basics about everything from the advantages to the disadvantages of a child growing up healthy and being vocal to keep the child healthy and strong. 😊

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nice written article about newborn

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Thank you so much dear. Your comment really inspire me a lot😍

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