Forgiveness. Others, myself, and circumstances.

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I wanted to talk about how I use the philosophy that everything is subject to cause and effect in everyday life. Maybe someone could use it, maybe someone would like to discuss it in the comments.

Two small disclaimers:

If I use any of the terms incorrectly and it hurts your eye, correct me in the comments, but since the text is not scientific, I will not check with encyclopedias in advance.

The philosophy of determinism (subordination of the world to cause and effect) does not suit everyone. However, reasoned opposing views are welcome.

Let's go!

Every consequence has a cause. And every cause has a cause.

A mug falls off the table. What are the causes of it falling?

Someone or something pushed it off the table. Someone put it there before. Someone brought it into the room earlier. Someone made it on a machine... You can go on searching for causes until the universe is created.

There is not a single thing, action, thought or natural phenomenon that has no cause: Nobody jumps off a roof for no reason. You don't break your phone now for no reason. A mug won't fall off the table unless there is a mug or a table.

There is no such thing as freedom of choice.

Every situation in our lives is an external circumstance (causes) that has already happened and our reaction to it. And we react with our brain, which is already formed at the moment the situation occurs.

Yes, we can think! Yes, we can "choose" one or the other response to some circumstances. Is this freedom of choice? It is generally accepted that it is. In fact, all you have to do is ask, "Why? Why did I choose this particular way of responding? Why did I say so? Did I do this? Decided this way?"

And the answer will be the same reasons. Reasons to decide this way and not that way. Reasons that have already developed in the past. And since we can't influence the past we can't influence our actions.

No one can.

Is there a reason to be offended?

The person who hurt us (even if he hurt himself) could not have done otherwise. His choices are based on the same time-honored causal connections.

Would you be offended by a natural phenomenon? Would you be offended by a computer virus?

No. We're not offended that a hurricane destroyed our house. But now we know it's worth building a stronger one. Well, or be prepared for destruction. We can do what we think is right.

It's the same with people. There's no point in being angry and resentful. But it doesn't mean making contact, communicating, seeking active reconciliation. Do what you think will lead to the best results in your life.

That's it for me,

Thank you to those who read to the end.

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