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Host: I ask my guides to respond: the physical guide (physical body), the astral guide (astral body) and the mental guide (mental body).

Powers: We are with you and in you. We are happy to communicate.

Q: Tell us about yourself, your problems, development, states, maybe discoveries.

Physical Body.

S: Oh, life is not easy for me. Everything is neglected. Systems malfunction, though I try to do all my work honestly, but my strength is gone, I'm running out of energy. You started paying more attention to me now, and I straightened up my spirit in the literal sense of the words. That is, your spirit does go into me and light something up there. But still, your thoughts are constantly somewhere outside and not felt.

I very much like the practice of immersion, when you work with your organs, it becomes so warm and such energy flows through the body. Do you think it's easy for me to listen to the complaints and problems of all the organs? And you don't hear me. I am the consciousness of all the organs, the combined consciousness, and I have to calm and balance them, to stabilize them in many ways. Sometimes you breathe the way you should, that is, you ventilate each organ, and it gives them strength after all. You know, it's like living in a locked room all your life without fresh air and with the shutters closed without proper light, like living in a crypt. So please don't stop doing that. It is so important for us to ventilate and illuminate different areas of the body and different organs.

The blood stagnates and doesn't flow through your veins as fast as it used to. It's your sedentary lifestyle. I understand that you are not able to move actively, but it is good to do some warming up exercises, practices, at least every hour, to get your energy flowing again. It really depends on how and what you do. Right now I have a lot of stagnation and a lot of accumulated dirt that needs to be flushed out with light, goodness and the energy of life, which is the energy of movement. The energy of life or energy of movement is what you call the energy of chi, it's like a powerful stream of water. That's how you wash, isn't it? Water washes everything away.

Q: And what about the other energies: shen energy and ching energy?

S: Jing energy can be said in this analogy, like fragrant shower gel. That is, the water doesn't just wash away the dirt, it fragrances under the influence of this heart energy.

And the shen energy can be compared to drying, that is, when a light breeze blows around you, drying the water droplets and making your body even lighter. Or if it was some kind of exposure to steam, cleansing steam. It's hard to pick an analogy, but all three are important.

But you can't do without water for now. Or you could put it another way. When your whole body is clean and not so dirty that you need shampoo and water, then you can take that "breeze" over it. When your body is not only clean, but it will itself be fragrant with the fragrances of love, that is, love will penetrate every pore of your body, every organ, every system of the body, then you won't need "washing gels" anymore. And then you yourself will become less dense, light and mobile, and the energy of Shen will flow freely through all your channels and organs. But for now you need water for cleansing and gel for cleansing and fragrance. And so you need qi energy and ching energy. And so use that energy to cleanse your body.

Astral Guide.

S: I have to be a tightrope walker with you. You are very agile and unbalanced. You get thrown to extremes sometimes, and I have to get involved with you because you are me. My energy gets loose and I want peace. Of course, you are calmer now than before, but still, sometimes I feel such powerful surges of you that it makes me uncomfortable.

Q: I thought you were interested and wanted to feel everything.

S: Yes, I want to. But not to rush from one pole to another, but to move slowly and smoothly, with feeling, with consideration, with the intention not to miss the whole palette of feelings: to savor it, to taste it, to imprint this experience of the finest feeling in myself. You skip over many states, and I don't get to feel all the nuances. You know, a hungry person wants to eat, and he swallows his food. But then, when he's fed up with the experience, he wants to savor it, feel all the details and nuances. You don't always manage to do that. And you forbid yourself to feel a lot, thinking that it will be misunderstood. You forbid yourself to be your essence in this way, to open yourself up and let me go free.

Q: Well, if you let yourself go, you become uncontrollable.

S: No. If you balance me and then give me free will, it won't be a breakthrough, but freedom.

But the main thing is to let yourself feel everything, don't reject your feelings. Just also savor them, explore them, study them, watch them transpire in me. And this is the same as what my physical counterpart told you - it means trying and clearing, letting the energy flow freely, not slipping and forming blocks by your inattention. Every time you feel something, try to be aware of what's going on, try to connect me and the physical body: feel where exactly in the body you feel it. And if you also direct your attention there, you will connect our third conductor brother - the mental conductor.

Mental guide

S: Oh, I'm living pretty well, actually. Your attention is in your head all the time and your energy is active. But I agree with my fellow brothers in that you rarely let me into all your bodies, much less your senses. And so you might say we rarely see or communicate with them. Only when you're trying to do some kind of body practice with mindfulness do I get to interact with the physical aspect of you, of us. And if you're thinking about your feelings, I can still communicate with the astral aspect. But most of the time you're just floating off somewhere out there, into some abstractions and dreams that you're full of. And that takes me a little bit away from reality and doesn't give me any elaboration, doesn't let my energy flow and connect all the halves to each other. This is what you call mindfulness.

You could say that we are like planets orbiting in our own orbits and we rarely meet, even though we should be connected. So try not to go into all kinds of daydreaming, which you are full of and have already set up many plans with your dreams. And your energy goes there all the time. Gather that energy, take it away from those dreams, which you don't need anymore. You used to dream once and then you forgot about it. But those dreams that didn't come true keep pulling your energies away. You keep kind of feeding them. And that's another reason for the lack of energy. So you have to do a re-examination here, too. Remember your dreams, all of them will come to mind sooner or later, and recall them with intention or leave those that are still relevant to you.

Q: Thank you. Maybe you have something to say to each other? I understand you, but maybe you have some grievances or questions for each other?

S: Understand that we can only communicate through you, as we do now. So you need to pay attention to each of us like you pay attention to your children. We obey your will in everything. Each of us is simply an instrument of yours. What claim can we have against each other? Each of us is doing, so to speak, his job, his function. And everyone's development must go on in parallel, evenly. One of us should not develop stronger and more actively, which in fact you often do. There has to be harmony and balance. And so you can keep an accounting of sorts: how much time, say, in a week you spent on the physical conductor, how much on the astral, that is, working with your senses in meditations or other ways, how much on the mental. Now you're skewed to the mental side. But you've become more active in the physical part, the body practices, but not enough.

But now you've forgotten about the astral guide. It, too, needs feelings, experiences to develop, to learn new things. And that's in everything. Give each one proper attention, because there is nothing superfluous or unnecessary.

Q: Thank you! I will do my best.

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