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1 year ago

Cracking, rudeness, crying, betrayal, handcuffing or

Every day from the real experience of suicide to those who were afraid to relate!

One day they also fall in love! It makes someone believe in a very different way! Love from the heart! Every moment he dreams of weaving around the man in his mind!

They fall in love at the wrong time, in the wrong choice! Then when the wrong man is lost from his life we ​​can understand, the relationship is very difficult! Although there was an advance message for us through the relationships of the people around us! But their pain cannot be felt until someone has cheated by participating in love ??

If the love thing is caught on a battlefield! You have to have the ability to endure the pain of an arrow!

Otherwise you can not be a boyfriend or girlfriend!

_ In order to understand one's own weaknesses in life, to understand the reality and to know that not all people are human, one has to get involved in relationships!

_Not my quote! It's a quote from people who get messages in advance!

That is why we call them poets and writers

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Such a great article.. I like ur article.. Write us more article. Thnks

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1 year ago

our life is full of story.They are bad or good.But everybody has their own story.We should overcome our problems and enjoy our life happily

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1 year ago