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Routine of every Muslim in Ramadan:

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7 months ago

Intro to Ramadan:

Ramdan is an Islamic month for Muslims that Muslims look forward to all year long.This is the ninth month of Islamic months and Muslims prepare for it in advance.Ramdan is started from 29th of Shaban or 30th of Shaban (Islamic month)then Ramadan moon is seen and Muslims recite dua of the moon face to the sky..And then they congratulations to others.It is a time of happiness.All children's and adults prepare for Ramadan.Then It is announced in mosques.All of them see the moon of Ramadan.

Traweeh in Ramadan:

The traweeh is recited before the fast in which the quran is recites.A Muzzin stands in front of the rest of prayers.There are 30 supplications in the Holy Quran which are completed in Ramadan.Each traweeh consist of one and half supplication.

In Ramadan traweeh is recited after every Isha prayer.

Ramadan Month:


It is month of accumlation of good deeds in which the reward of one good deed is ten times more . That's why Muslims protect yourself from evil deeds throughout this month and move toward good deeds.In Ramadan , every Muslim arranges maximum amount of recitation of Quran and that they may draw nearer to their Lord.

Ever Muslim strive not to harm anyone with the evil of his hand or tongue.

Routine of Sehri and Aftari:

In Ramadan ,Fajr prayer is preceded by sehri,in which every Muslim perform sehri,eat according to his diet.He break his fast before the time of Fajr azan.To break the fast, he first prays to break the fast.

And then he has to stay hungry and thirsty all day according to the commands of Allah in which he has to accumulate many new things and he has to appear before Allah in every prayer.

In this month every person lives according to his routine, but keep himself more nearer to Allah by Allah Almighty glorification and has to open his wings in the evening.


Every Muslim decore Aftari table with many kinds of fruits, samoosa's , the most favourite dish of Pakistani's is fritters and different types of drinks and shakes.

Then all members of the house sit together and pray to Allah and the sound of Maghrib azan is heard.They recite Dua to break the fast and then fast.They fast through a date and all the things that are on the table and then the fast is opened.

After that every Muslim prays Maghrib prayer and then goes on like this all night in his routine.

Then again every muslim has to get up before the Fajar prayer and perform the sehri and in the same way this routine lasts for 30 days which means the whole month of Ramadan .


The month of Ramadan which consist of 30 days or 29 days is devided into 3 decades which consist of 10 days

The first 10 days consist of mercy which has its own seperate dua

The second 10 days consist of forgiveness which has its own seperate dua in which we ask Allah for forgiveness

The third 10 days are for salvation from the fire of hell which has a seperate dua in which we ask for forgiveness from Allah for salvation from hell.

Jummatul Wida:

Every friday in Ramadan gives the impression that Ramadan is just about to end . There is a farewell on Friday which means the last day of Ramadan which make it clear that Ramadan is just about to come to an end . Ramadan is a very blessed month on friday resitation of Darud shareef, tasbeehat , worship of Allah and recitation of Holy Quran are arranged.The more a person remember Allah in the month of Ramadan the more his virtue increases.

Moon night:

Source = Picsart

The last night of Ramadan is called Chand Raat which is spent be the enthusiastic Muslims in their preparation for Eid-ul-Fitar.


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Written by   29
7 months ago
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I remember in college during Ramadan, our Muslim friends would all pause to pray and then share their food afterward.

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7 months ago

Every Muslim do the same in the month of Ramadan to increase their virtues

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7 months ago

Dear Ramadan is a gift of us from God

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7 months ago