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Galaxies In The Universe!

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7 months ago

Hi readers:

You are very welcome to my post . It's really a good day by the blessing Of Allah Almighty for me i wish it os also for you. Always stay blessed and happy . Let's Start our Topic ...

Info About Galaxy:

The galaxy is actually a very large cosmic body consisting of various bodies connected by gravity, such as stars, interstellar medium and dark matter. Is. Scientists and astronomers have likened the galaxy to islands in the universe. In other words, it is a system of stars in which there can be many different solar systems. Phase particles estimate that it can hold up to 10 million stars. Andromeda is the closest galaxy to us. It is 2 million light years away.

In January 1971, University of California experts discovered two new galaxies. Their presence has not yet been determined, and a cluster of milky galaxies stood in their way. Their distance from the Earth is 900,000 light years.

In 1989, American astronomers discovered a giant hydrogen cloud that was in the final stages of forming a galaxy. This discovery shows that matter is changing in the universe and that galaxies are still being formed.

It also disproves the notion that the universe is complete from eternity. Rather, this process is going on at every moment.

There are about 170 billion galaxies in the observable universe.

Milky way:

Milky Way or Milky Way or Jade Lion or White Way is the name of the galaxy in which Our earth, sun and solar system are located. Its ancient name, which remained in Arabic and was also used in Europe until the sixteenth century AD, was Darb al-Tabana. The Europeans then translated it literally from their religious language, Latin, into the Milky Way. It is one of the billions of galaxies in the universe. Like other galaxies, the Milky Way also has billions of stars.

This galaxy consists of four spiral arms. The galaxy's diameter is about 100,000 light-years, and its thickness is 1,000 light-years. There are an estimated 200 to 400 billion stars in our galaxy.

The stars of the galaxy revolve around the center of the galaxy. Our sun completes one cycle in 240 million years at a speed of 220 kilometers per second


The Milky Way can be seen in the shape of a white stripe in the sky at an angle of 30 degrees. As many stars as we can see in the sky They are all part of the same Milky Way galaxy, which is the light that emanates from stars of light, stars in the direction of the Galactic Planet, and other astronomical objects. The dark layers or areas in this strip, such as the Great Rift and the Coliseum, are the layers or areas where interstellar dust intercepts the light, causing the dark area to appear. Areas that block light and create a dark zone are called "zones of white dens". The brightness of the national highway is less than the surface light. The cause of this dim light is its background light and light emission due to light pollution or luminosity from the moon. 20.2 magnitude per square arc second of darkness must be dark for this countryway to be visible to the naked eye. This is only visible when the limiting magnitude is approximately +5.1 or +6.1. It is impossible to see it in the light of burning lights. While in villages and towns where the light is low, it can be seen from here. Even when the moon is inside from above, this country road can be seen with your own eyes.

Special thank you guys that you've read my article completely . Take care of yourself and others . Thank s once again ...

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Written by   29
7 months ago
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I must say, its actually really cool to discover a lot of things about our galaxy. I know there are still lots to discover. Thanks to Science and Technology. But of course, God/Allah Almighty really makes it more amazing and exciting..

Nice meeting you my friend. :)

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Thank you very much 💞 really appreciated...

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7 months ago

You're welcome.. :))

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