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1 Million dollars for 24 hours only...

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9 months ago

Welcome Readers:)

Assalam o Alaikum all my readers. Hope you all are fine and living a healthy and wealthy life with the blessing of Allah Almighty.

I hope you all are visited my post and if u like my post so please like my post and leave a comment .

Life is like a dream:

Life is just like a dream as man can fulfill all his desires, all necessaries through his dream as long as there is no dream in a person's life he will not be able to fulfill it,so the bigger the dream the greatest the result is.

So life is a dream ,what can you say about to fulfill it ? Dreams are reflection of real life in human life.

One such dream i had..

One such dream i had in my life that changed my thoughts . I had a dream in which I saw that I have done in my life something that I have longed for.

I saw that i had a prize bond in which I got one million dollar and i am so happy to be the only one enjoying life I am so happy to have so much money..

Usually our youngsters when they have money they think that with this money we will go there, we will do it and we will do that.

Everyone one thinks that when money will come then i will fulfill my needs or desires.

In starting I just thought all these things but the time passes my thoughts changed like this..

My thoughts..

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But I have though about why can't I helped those people who have not enough food to eat,not to drink neither to wear nor to why not help them.

When we eat something good or wear anything good and when we look at poor childrens their innocent beautiful shining eyes ask us why this is not for us.

Thinking about all this I thought why i give not my this prize bond to all these childrens who will be very happy than I decided to do something like this..

My plan:

I thought why don't I surprised the kids and make them happy?

I plan to choose a good when the weather is clean and beautiful and the wind is blowing.

Let them live their lives openly,let my whole day be their let me do what they children's want.let me fulfill their every wish on one day so that they do not feel that this wish of our life will never be fulfilled nor will it be fulfilled.

A Day with children's:

Image source= picsart

It was spring and I went to their house and gave a gift to each child when they seen their gifts they became soooo happy i think they are not too much happy in their lives as they are happy this day and brought them in car.In the same way I took each child those i knew from their house and we went to a prak.Here they were swing,they took some rides and enjoy their whole life in a day.After this I took them in a great shopping mall where they can bought everything they want.Where They bought toys for them,some childern's who are interested in reading books bought some story books from there, similarly some childern's bought painting colors who are interested in painting from there and freely everything they bought what they want. Then I took them to a better place to get food what they want to eat.

The joy in their eyes that day was about to see the smile on their face seeing them made me feel like I had found all the happiness in life.

Spiritual Joy:

I used to make them laugh jumps the satisfaction that come to my heart from seeing it was never found till today.

I was so thankful to God that he made me think that instead of fulfilling my desires, why not fulfill the desires of the childrens ,who think that their desires will not be fulfilled yet but my so the desires are such that I can fulfill them anytime.

Goodbye readers:)Thank you for visiting my post.My all good wishes for all of you.Stay happy Stay blessed.

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Written by   29
9 months ago
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That's indeed a great feeling my friend, spreading happiness and joy makes the world change.

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9 months ago

Yeah absolutely right buddy🥰

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9 months ago