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Overview of the Winning SLP Projects from Blockhack 2020

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10 months ago

Firstly, let us congratulate the BCH community on a successful Bitcoin Cash upgrade!

As many of you know, we have been doing a hackathon joining with many education partners and other cryptocurrency ecosystems like Polkadot as the first-ever BCH/SLP led cross-chain hackathon.

The goal of the hackathon was not to produce just interesting projects but to foster projects that can be built into entire businesses in the future.

Blockhack 2020 had 312 attendees, 122 participating hackers, and 30 workshops! 

It was a month worth of code hacking and two rounds of judging, lots of friends made new friends across different cryptocurrencies.

We had many happy hour events organized by Satoshi's Angels, for which we are grateful for bringing added engagement to the event. The BCH community remains awesome.

We also send our thanks to the numerous mentors from the BCH community helped to make this happen, including JT Freeman, Pokkst, Chris Troutner, James Cramer, and more.

With a whopping 6.5K worth of SLP bounties up for grabs, and we are pleased to announce the winners here for their innovation, hard work, and forward-thinking.

Bear in mind these projects are all still work in progress and still gearing up for launch.

The Economic Freedom Challenge

Bitcoin Cash is programmable money with no central control. Peer to peer with no third party. Freedom to trade and do business with anyone, anywhere around the world.

Total Prize of $1500USD

For this challenge, we have chosen two winners. These projects were chosen because they enable people with new methods to do business.


Paytaca enables offline Bitcoin cash and SLP payments between people and businesses in the developing world where the internet is often unreliable.

It is secure, efficient, cheap and most importantly works offline.

ZHware by Stoyan Zhekov

ZHware is brand new SLP protocol to negotiate and barter deals over the blockchain trustlessly.

The Technological Freedom Challenge

Trustless technology. Countering government overreach, authoritarian censorship and privacy invasion. Agorist markets. Innovative ways to mint, distribute and stake tokens trustlessly.

Total Prize of $1500USD

We have also chosen two winning projects for this challenge. Projects chosen created innovative new ways to use the blockchain on SLP.

Telr by Modenero

Telr is an exchange that uses smart contracts for creating an entirely trustless, noncustodial atomic dex, across different cryptocurrencies and SLP. Bridging users from other PoW blockchains to the Bitcoin Cash community.

SLPEC by Op_Return

SLPEC For employing cutting edge technology like SLP's Post Office Protocol, BIP 70,'s Link and even smart contracts to create a fully functional trustless DAPP with no gas fees

The Collaborative Freedom Challenge

Nobody should be silenced. Freedom of speech. Freedom to associate, collaborate and socialize with anyone you want.

Total Prize of $1500USD

The winning project was chosen because it could enhance global collaboration. Also goes to SLPEC again!

SLPEC by Op_Return

SLPEC, For creating a full functioning user-friendly trustless jobs escrow application that works on SLP. Making it easy to onboard new Bitcoin Cash and SLP users. Increasing decentralized collaboration.

Finally for the bonus bounties.

We award Telr again for the $1000USD atomic swap bounty, for successfully achieving atomic swaps between Ethereum, BCH and SLP and presenting it on a decentralized exchange as well as open-source code to do it.

Code for the Atomic Swap Smart Contract

Notable Mentions: MOTA & Bitcountry

We want to give our hats off to the MOTA team for delivering a compelling business proposal.

MoTA is breaking into the multi-billion dollar remittance industry with blockchain technology in a way never done with blockchain before. MoTA mimics Mobile Money/Mpesa to facilitate in-country and cross-border transactions and remittance. This is achieved through decentralized intermediaries (vendors, agents) interacting via a hub software platform. Mode of Transfer Alternative (MoTA) is a secure decentralized censorship-resistant transactions platform built for technophobes, under-served, off-grid and technologically handicapped communities. Riding on Bitcoin Cash and Simple Ledger Protocol (SLP), it has the potential to on-board millions including those who have no direct interest in blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. With a booth, a mobile phone/PC and minimal capital, vendors are ready to bridge the adoption gap.

Also, Bitcountry for making headway into trying to build a bridge between SLP and Polkadot and also being an interesting virtual land/social community hub.

SLP Foundation in Virtual Reality!

Create your own country and community. Attract more people to join using the rules and policies you can set by your will. Grow your country and monetize your community in multiple ways without any intermediaries. Create a currency for your country, and incentivize the people who contribute to your community. As your community grows, your currency will gain value on the exchange. Everyone in the community will benefit from this. Countries can be auctioned, rewarding all who had a stake in it.


We are very pleased with the results that came out of Blockhack 2020.

We hope some of the open-source code and projects here can help or inspire a new wave of SLP products, in the new Bitcoin Cash era.

An era where the focus will be building the best user experiences on one of the most competitive cryptocurrencies in the space.

Look forward to seeing you guys at the next Bitcoin Cash Hackathon - Coinparty.

- The SLP Foundation

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Written by   155
10 months ago
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Congratulations to us all we really did a great job

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10 months ago

Congratulations to all the participants; the amazing workshops and networking alone makes everyone a winner! Let's all keep building, the best is yet to come; and by that I'm referring to 🥳 🤣 🎉

Much thanks to the SLP Foundation for all the support to the BUIDLers .. Bitcoin needs more developers adding value and those developers need support 🙏

Let's BU!LD BCH! 💪

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10 months ago