When you are a Mother

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When you are already a mother, almost everything changes from how your body down to your priorities. When you go to the store, you must priotize what are the needs of your family rather than your own needs.

When you go to dress shop, the thing that you mostly buy is not for your own body but for your children. "Oh this one will looks so good when my baby wear this. And this one, this one and that one..." You will have such thoughts running to your mind, and before you notice it, you have spent the budget for that day's expenses to the needs and your children's apparel.

When you go out but then tempted to eat at luxurious restaurant , you feel guilty leaving your baby at nanny feeding cerelac or porridge. When you hang out with your friends over night, your face shows your enjoying but deep within your still thinking what's going on at home and how's your baby doing.

"Have she taken her dinner now?"

"Is she asleep?"

"I hope she's not crying and searching for me."

"Ughh! I need to go home."

And all of those thoughts have happened to me, I left my child to my aunt to continue my studies yet I felt restless and cant have a sound sleep. I rented bedspacer room near the school yet it seems so useless since I go back home everyday just to see her. Our school is too far, it will take 164 kilometers back and forth by a motorcycle. So I need to travel at 4 AM to attend school and arrive home at quarter to 9. Some of my classmates even asked how did I even managr to stay awake in classes everyday? And they have given me a nickname, "The KJ Great Nanay" Nanay means mother. And yeah they called me KJ or kill joy for I don't spend time to hang out with them like overnights and got drunk. And Im proud to say that I haven't got drunk in my whole life since I dont drink hard beverages 😉 They find me boring haha because Im too serious they say. But they like me too for whenever they need advices they can hear me talking to them with sincerity with scolding them. Were on the same age yet maybr my childhood life makes me more mature.

Well, all mothers have their own way to show their love and care while we are not aware about this.

Mothers might give you a hard scolding, but they have their reason for doing so.

Understand them when they are very sensitive and easily annoyed at times for remember that they dont have vacation leave on their vocabulary. So please understand and love you parents because someday when their gone and its your turn, you will say this,

"My mother was right. I should have listen to her. I hope she's here and give me some sincere scolding. I miss you Mom."

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