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The Endangered

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1 week ago

All I can see and somewhat read and heard is that some species now are considered 'endangered species' for they are closer to the word 'GONE' in this world.

Now, I realized more things everytime I post a nature photography here and after I read comments like "Wow, that's beautiful." or somewhat related thought about that line. I come to realized why do we say it and here are the reasons:

1. Nature is naturally beautiful and awesome in the first place since it was created that way to support all living organisms. But I must say, this thought is vice versa.

2. You were born in different country that doesn't have such kind of unique scenery. For example, I say snow place is so beautiful and wanted to be there because I haven't experienced for I am living in the Philippines (No winter season).

3. Because nature is also ENDANGERED. Look at the city, it is not covered by a green trees but maybe a green buildings instead. And one reason why we have so many natural tourists spot is because of this too; this is one solid proof that our nature is endangered like a dinasour's bones gathered in museum to be seen and be visited by those who haven't seen a real one.

Seems like a greeny surrounding and a small animals like tarsier are now money making and business related now that we can't enjoy for free in this century.

A free nature that was created for us all to enjoy are now more likely monopolized in a term that goes like "renovation and cultivation by money" and was made into owned sanctuary by some.

Even if we want to be technologically living to survive and have easier access, I hope that we put attention too to our nature. Look at this road that we passed through yesterday, it is in concrete yet it is covered by so many tall trees. How wonderful would it be, it tall buildings can also have a space to create a mini man-made forest.

(You can visit me at Mearie)

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Written by   3
1 week ago
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