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SUCCESS: Define it With Your Own Word and Dreams

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10 months ago

Majority of people based life status and material things as success. When I go out today, I heard the old folks pointing and saying to the one driving a new car, "There he goes. He is the best example of a successful person. I hope my daughter can be like him too." But the person they are referring to doesn't even define it as 'SUCCESS'. I once talked to him before while waiting for a tricycle and he was out for a morning exercise; he said that people always says that he must be living comfortably and limitlessly happy now that he is successful. And I asked him, " You are, right?" Then he wear a faint smile on his lips then told me, "I am not yet a successful one. You see having car or having air-conditioned house to live in is not a basis of a successful life. I am not yet truly happy and still feel a bit empty inside. I can't tell you so much details but I can say that success means being simply happy and satisfied."

And that left me a great eye-opener! It is indeed true and I think I've been defining 'SUCCESS' wrongly my whole life not until that day. After I got home that day that we talked on the street, I was thinking about it for hours about what is success.
We can not generally say that all those who got cars, big business and big houses are already successful in their life. We need to define success on our own words in comparison to what we truly need and what we dream off that will make us feel happy and satisfied. How about you? Have you been doing and defining success as becoming wealthy and richest man in the whole world? Or do you define success when it comes to achieving things that can make you happy and satisfy?

But I must say that if your dream is to really own a car or to become rich, then there is nothing wrong with it as long as you know your place and you wont oppress those who are below your level. My point is we must not generalize the definition of success as getting rich then instilled that thought to the younger generation.

Success is more on the feeling of satisfaction and happiness that lies behind every after hardwork.

Like a construction worker that has been spending almost his days and sacrifing not seeing his own family for the sake of their future and to have savings. After he reaches that goal and feel happy about it by just simply sending his kids to university and supporting his family needs, he can feel success and proud by that simple dream to make his kids finish their studies. See? He neither own a car nor have a luxurious house yet he define it as success as being a father.
Now, it's up to his children to define their own success too. I hope this goes same to you.

We can always support our child but it's not advisable to instilled into their mind your thoughts and definition of success or else your child will mostly likely feel unsatisfied and unhappy when they don't meet your classification.

Maybe some of us are still chasing that wrong definition of success. We become too tired chasing what other people defined as success then forgetting what makes us truly happy. We've been guided in the wrong thoughts and joined that tiring racing of being rich.

In my case, I want to have enough capital money build up to do stock market and binance trading then sending my daughter to the university that she wants to go to in order to achieve her dream. And that will make me feel satisfied and happy. If that time comes, I am already a successful person I can say. Life might not be so happy every hour or everyday but it's okay becase life itself is full of ups and downs. Thus, define your success now to lessen you downs and maximize your ups moments and happiness.

Have your own compass and explore this uncertain world with a bright smile.

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Written by   7
10 months ago
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