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Rumours and Their Opinions Are Not Your Responsibility

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1 year ago

Some people committed crime just to go up the ladder and achieve better social standing or status in current society. Some people also try their best to drag and stomp other competitors down in order to stay in high position. And worst case is that some have given up their hopes and dream to the extent of committing suicide. These things are result of failure in acceptance.

All of us have this pain inside, that anytime can be triggered by unknown circumstances. But don't do such extreme measure to lose your sanity over what people assumed and expect how you should be.

"You're smart right? Then why did the company didn't hire you?"

"What a waste! You studied BS Education then passed the licensure exam in same year yet you have no job to be proud of? What a shame! Why are you only working as a cashier or construction laborer? "

"Have you heard about yout neighbour? The one with low IQ and who barely passed and graduated, she is now working as a part of big company. And how is your application? Still going down, right?"

What people tried to label you and what they expect you how to behave, how to live or even what job you must get is not  and will never be your responsibility! Create your own storyline, draw and color your own book and make your own path. Don't live striving difficult path just to prove them wrong and to let them accept your worth! Dude, you don't need to force yourself into them! Cheer up coz I got your back, those who share same fate with you will also be at your back not physically but spiritually and emotionally. We are waiting for your turn to shine in YOUR UNIQUE WAY!

Just like how we put so much effort in writing articles, we are attracted towards with an originality or uniqueness, right? So be just YOU.

Let me tell you a story...

There's a boy who are always taught to copy and admiresl his older cousin. He is always compared to him by their parents and neighbours. When they go to the farm to harvest rice, he always stays at his cousin's back. While his cousin is having a great time harvesting the bountiful grain, he was at his back just picking a little what his cousin had dropped. He didn't bother to take another area, because he only follows his cousin's shadow unproductively.

Then have you gain something big about following and minding other's perception? It's your choice because it is simply YOUR life.

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Written by   7
1 year ago
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