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It Is Not Greediness

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10 months ago

Since I got married and become a mother, there are so many things that I must consider and to think about that's why I made a priority list starting from very important matter in our family down to the least. But things are not easy even if I tried to plan and put things in their own places and timeframes.

Like a scenario that I always deal every payday, my in-laws starting from my husband's parents, siblings down to his aunts have been chatting and texting me non-stop asking money every payday or a week before payday. I am not greedy but I can not afford to let go all the money to cater all their needs and ours at the same time. I can not afford to spend every month's salary without a saving for our future especially for our daughter.

I tried to make a schedule of who will be receiving a little money for this month then whose turn will it be next month and so on. Yet those things didnt work out, I receive a painful replies and criticisms from my in-laws. They were saying that I am controlling their son as well as his money but actually it is not controlling I would say, it is called budgeting and planning.

They are not too old nor people with disabilities yet I can not understand why they keep relying to my husband's salary. It all started when we moved here in Cebu this year's month July. We are currently living in an apartment which is not expensive. It is fully furnished and with free uninterrupted water supply and free fiber internet connection, this room only costs 5000 per month. And knowing and seeing how we live in an apartment, his family side assumes that we are earning enough. I and my husband explained to them but wont listen and try to understand. We became like an investments.

I know and will forever bear in mind that parents musy be respected but so your children are. Respect is a vice versa and a free will. I have them in my priority list but they don't know how to understand our situation.

I suggested before not to reply and ignore their messages so that they'll learn a lesson not to rely too mucb but they go ranting on social media. I want to help but I also need to be understood.

I don't know how to end that cycle and I am writing this hoping someone can give me an honest suggestion and advice.

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Written by   7
10 months ago
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