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The World & Crypto #20

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8 months ago

The World & Crypto with Rutkowski Edition #20

Monday March 22, 2021


XRP is currently at .58 USD and battling to make it over .60 cents and stay. The chart above is the chart I shared in my Edition #19 and so far XRP is moving towards my .70 USD target I think we still have days to go but it does appear that XRP is starting to form a decent looking channel that we hopefully stay.

This could also mean that XRP is about to have it's bull run which could turn the market rather bearish since XRP is usually amongst the last to see a major cycle. I know this isn't the first time that XRP has had a run with in the 90 days but they have been manipulations, XRP vs SEC and the pump and dump where a group of individuals decided to buy on a certain day and they planned the event for a few weeks.

While they was organizing this event, other groups were buying ahead of schedule just to dump on everyone buying that day. XRP went up over .75 before plummeting back down around .36 or so.

I am personally anticipating a slight pull back to .56 USD minimum to a possible .54 USD level to a worse case .48 USD level. We had some news earlier that a whale bought another 230 something million XRP and transferred it off of an exchange. This makes XRP appear extremely Bullish.

We have had a lot of major movement with XRP lately, I honestly suspect that Jay Clayton is buying up all the XRP that he can right now...

HOT HOLOCHAIN Slightly Down More!

HOT is currently down 2.27% at .0078253 The chart above is from edition #19 as you can see I was expecting it to go up higher and than drop back down a bit. I was off on when that would occur but none the less it still happened. I am still more than confident that we are head to .021 USD I know that may sound crazy to a lot of people but it's crazy to me that people can't see this gold mine..

HBAR Have you Heard?

HBAR is currently at .33 USD down .12 USD from the all time high. The chart above shows what it would like if HBAR was resetting and following the path with the next week. I am targeting the next high to be .52 USD

BTC Bitcoin! What is going on?

Bitcoin is at $57,196.00 USD at this moment, It was just recently in the $56K area. I am hoping that break away from the bearish zone and get back into the bullish zone and go for a nice ride. I am anticipating $58K later today.

We have a lot of people talking about a leading indicator that is saying the bull run is about to end. People are speculating that when the lines cross the bull market is over. I anticipate a major drop in the market when these lines do cross for a couple of different reasons. One: people buy into speculation and sell based on that alone. Two, the people who don't know about this panic sell when they see the market dropping,

I'd say that if we took a dip that we wouldn't see below $42K and if we did break that $28K would be the absolute worse. However I don't see anything like this playing out. Whales are banking Bitcoin. Market Makers are trying to make Billions.. What do you think?


BCH is at $532.00 USD right now. I am anticipating a major move very soon to the upside. I am holding out hope that we can break out of this current channel and enter a new bullish channel with some better momentum.

BCH has been stuck in this channel for some time now and we are about to be challenging the top of before April 2021. If we break and hold above it we will be over $1,000.00 before May!

My Final Thoughts!

Thank you to those who have been reading my articles lately and a special thank you to those that have been tipping me, no matter the amount I want every one of you to know that I am grateful for each tip that I receive.

I am extremely bullish about the Shiba Inu Exchange. I think it will do some big things with the way Exchanges have been growing. We see all of these major exchanges that are already doing big things and they all operate in the same aspect. What do these exchanges share besides the fact they allow the user to exchange one crypto for another?

The oddly but yet attention grabbing icons they use, like for example the one and only uniswap with the mythic Unicorn and hosting it's very own UNI which is up over $30.00 and Pancake swap with the CAKE Token they have that is up over $10.00 per token. We still have the meme coin, have you been crypto long enough to know that I am talking about DOGE Coin when I say Meme Coin?

DOGE a meme coin which it's icon is an adorable Shiba Inu puppy. I personally want one so bad.. Has done rather decent through out the years and within recent years has gained support from rather famous people like Gene Simons and my favorite Elon Musk.

Now launching in late April the Shiba Inu exchange will open and has it's very own token it's logo is an adorable Shiba Inu puppy... What do you think the price will be? I figure it would be worth buying at a minimum of 1 Billion SHIB considering it is currently priced at $0.00000005 USD Honestly if the exchange is a flop I will haven't lost that much in total.

However I am banking on psychology playing a role when it comes to the success of this exchange. The key factor to success being the Shiba Inu effect that I think will drive people to the exchange which in turn will drive value to the token.

I can't say what the future holds for sure. I can however say that I plan on hodling these 600 Million SHIB I have bought already. I am honestly probably going to buy up 1 Billion just to be safe.. I figure that even with inflation the way it is going parabolic I should at least turn a sizeable profit over the next 10 years which is the ideal time frame I plan to hold.

I am guessing, pure speculation here that at some point in time like most exchanges do that Shiba Swap will also do a burn in the future. I can't say for a fact that this will ever happen but hey, it could...

Anyways I hope everyone is having a lovely day and healthy as well. Thanks you for reading and God Bless You!

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Written by   358
8 months ago
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new user help me how this apps.🙏🙏

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8 months ago

I'm still regretting selling my XRP at a big loss. I was impulsive. Now I can't look at XRP not feeling bad. 😅 Lesson learned.

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8 months ago

Honestly I have had times were I was forced to sell at a loss due to financial situations and than seen the price go up afterwards and it is enough to make a person sick. I try to buy with the expectations anymore that I am going to hold it for years, I do still enjoy a lot of short term trades that I have found to be very profitable, Long term crypto investments pay off. Sorry you lost money on it. I know a lot of people did...

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8 months ago