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Police Harassment: Salem, Indiana Washing County Police Department;

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3 months ago
Salem Indiana Town Square, Chris Robinson of Washington County, Indiana. Officer Webb of the Salem Police Department Salem, Indiana & An Officer that in a marked cop car whom refused to Identify.

Salem Indiana Police Department in the United States Ofc. Webb with a fellow officer that refused to identify himself in accordance with Salem Town Police Departments policy.

Two days prior ofc Troy Heidrich Washington county Indiana Sheriffs Department on June 13, 2022 denied myself personally the right to file a complaint against a man whom threatened my life because he was buddies.

Troy Heidrich Threatened to harass me and pull me over for no reason if I continued to press the issue against Chris Robinson.

June 15, 2022 while out driving through the town of Salem, Indiana I saw my neighbor hanging out on the town square with his buddies.

Ofc Webb and the other officer whom didn't have a name tag visible and refused to identify himself or give an ID # which is required by law as well as the police force policies.

I have footage of the police officer waiting for my vehicle, than following me until I started pulling into a private drive as the officer hit his lights.

The officer had no reason to pull me over other than to intimidate myself further and mind you I had my Fiance as well as three of my children along with my Fiance cousin in the vehicle.

The officer stated that he had pulled me over because " A buddy just told me you only had an ID" I complained to the Ofc that he was harassing me because of his buddy that I had just seen him chatting with on the square and I would be filing a formal complaint against him for harassment.

The Ofc than got louder an even more intimidating as he "You will not be complaining about this! This is over TONIGHT" My exact reply was a bit vulgar "Are you going to F###### stop me? I will be at the police station to file a complaint against you in the morning.

Washington County Indiana Cop Car 531 driving up a one way moments after being Harassed by OFC Webb and unidentified cop

At this point I have filed two complaints against two officers, one for refusing to file a complaint against Chris Robinson and the other for trying to intimidate me on my own property.

Admitting all of this is enough to honestly make me feel extremely weak, I have had two back surgeries and I am unable to defend myself against my neighbor who is threatening to take my life or assault me.

Now I am in fear that the Police may wind up killing me just for sharing this information with the way they have been harassing me since this stuff happened.

I know of a similar incident in the past in this same county. The man had his evidence in his home against the Salem Police Department here in Salem, Indiana.

That man supposedly shot an killed himself after the police showed up to his house and made every one get out but the man suing them.

I don't want to be that guy, but I don't want anyone else to be bullied and intimidated by Police to the point they are in fear of their own lives.

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Written by   372
3 months ago
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