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Blockfi, Etoro & Nexo Update, I am now a Proud...

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2 years ago


Welcome back, this is part 2 of Nexo vs Blockfi vs Etoro. I deposited $100.00 into Etoro, $25.00 into Blockfi and I have maintained a balance of $50 with Nexo. What I have to say could save you a ton of time and net you far more in returns than the the 3 combined.

I would recommend you read the first article I linked to above for even further context. When I started this test after doing plenty of research I was more than fond of Blockfi. Blockfi was looking to be the best option to earn Interest on crypto. Admittedly any interest is good interest. Why would you want to cheat yourself when you could earn more interest?


Blockfi actually performed in the manner I had originally expected it to perform. I expected Blockfi to out perform Nexo and Etoro. I expected a better return from Nexo than I did from Etoro considering Etoro is more of a trading platform vs Blockfi and Nexo.

Now, I started off at Blockfi with $25.00 of BTC purchased on Oct 18, 2019 at .00217949 BTC to date I have earned $1.08 in interest from Blockfi which brings my current investment from $25.00 all the way up to $72.25

That is a $46.75 profit from an original investment of $25.00 The impressive return was seen by the asset itself versus the interest. I can't really complain about a $1.08 of interest earned off of an initial investment of $25.00


Nexo seems really great by review in the Crypto Community. I wasn't impressed with the interest I earned. I had seen a good return on the investments in this account until XRP took a dive. I didn't deposit BTC in Nexo, just BCH, XRP and XLM. I put USDC in the account for a few weeks and it had a better return than the other 3 assets. I have maintained an $50.00 account value at all times with Nexo.

Portfolio Brake Down
Assets Held with Nexo
Total Interest Earned

As you can see above I have earned .48 with Nexo which is .60 less than with Blockfi. Like I have said I didn't honestly expect too much with Nexo. I didn't expect to see a major gain on my assets as I did with Blockfi considering I wasn't really holding Bitcoin on Nexo like I did with Blockfi.


Etoro in my opinion is a pretty decent trading platform if you don't mind not being able to actually use a wallet feature. You can supposedly stake several Crypto's on Etoro automatically unless you opt-out of staking. I start my Etoro account off with $100.00

I netted 13.81% ROI with Etoro. That was all due to the fact that I kept trading in and out of Bitcoin. The thing is I didn't monitor these accounts very much at all. I would have seen a major return on Etoro had I traded in and out of Bitcoin daily. Also I had some financial troubles and I had to pull out $89.54 in Bitcoin at $18K which killed a lot of the profit I would have seen.

Still even with the early withdrawal I still had a great return considering if I had that money sitting in a interest earning checking account for a couple months I would not have any seen a .14 cent return. I still haven't seen 1 TRX on the over 900 TRX that I have staked with Etoro.

I will be closing my Etoro position today and re-purchasing my TRX and staking it else where so I can actually see a return instead of a false promise.

I am a Proud Celsian now on Celsius Network!

Shortly after I had published the first article I received a comment asking how I felt about Celsius. At that point and time I hadn't really looked into Celsius, but I knew of the name. I recently opened my account with Celsius under a week ago using a promo code I found online.

I signed up and deposited $25 in Bitcoin. If I hold that Bitcoin for another 27 days I will get a free $20 of bitcoin at the price 3 days ago .00074 BTC will be released to my wallet on Jan 21, 2021 I will release an updated article on Celsius at the point in time with all of the interest I have earned off of the initial investment plus the bonus.

Over all I am excited about Celsius. I have been watching the podcast and reading CEL and I honestly like what I see. I can't say for a fact they will always be this good but for now, I am a Celsian. I am expecting to earn a decent amount in interest provided the interest calculator is correct on the Celsius Wallet.

If you are new to Celsius and you want to sign up and get $40 dollars in Free Bitcoin I recommend using this Link Here Celsius Network along with using this Promo Code after sign up WELCOME20 the Promo code is case sensitive. Let me know if you use the promo code and if it is still working or not.

My Final Thoughts

Speaking from my own research and my experience in the Stock Market I can say without reserve that Crypto is the best investment you can be in right now. You are wasting money if you leave it just sitting. I know the Crypto Realm has it's risk. However in the long-term investments category the Crypto World always seems to deliver astonishing returns on your Investments.

Just think about it for a second. Say you had invested $100.00 in Oct 2019 you would now have close to $300 for just 60 days... That is beyond impressive returns from Bitcoin. I am not a financial advisor and you shouldn't trust the opinions of anyone online including myself without doing your due diligence by researching what you read.

The Crypto Market is very unpredictable and if you can stomach dropping a couple grand into the Market and watching tank by 20% before rocketing up 40% plus than you should probably stick with that 1% interest rate if you are lucky from your local Fiat Trash excuse me I meant Fiat Bank.

Overall I netted a profit of $70.16 and that is on a low side of the estimate especially consider I made an early withdrawal. Feel free to find out for yourself. The numbers don't lie.

Thank you for reading, God Bless You and Stay Healthy.

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Written by   372
2 years ago
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I had made eToro account too for trading.But first,I have to learn how to trade with no losses.I have one friend who helping me,he is expert for trading.So,I hope I will soon earn.Thanks for great information.Happy New Year.

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