Rainy Day

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3 years ago

I remember that day, when the skies are crying as I am. The day when my clouds turns dark and stormy, as I felt how my heart shattered at everything.

I remember how you told me the words I never thought would break me whole. I remember how you told me you love me from the very first day, telling me it will never end. But then, that rainy day, was the end.

It was raining like crazy as my eyes kept on crying too. Hoping you would stop talking just pull me and hug me tight like what you always do. But no, the day you told me you love me, that it was never ending ended.

It was raining, as my eyes cry with sorrow as I look at you. Your back slowly fading, leaving me shattering at the words you've told me. How you told me 'I'm sorry, it ended right now at this rainy day'.

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