I just wanted someone to listen.

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3 years ago

This happened earlier, I had a midterm examination earlier. I was so excited because I can perfect the exam in just 25 minutes. Then when I submitted my answer, it showed that I only got half of the score. I mean, how? I checked it again. I answered them correctly, it was they key that my professor used. She got it wrong, she input wrong key to corrections. I was devastated as fuck, seriously fucking devastated. I ranted to my parents, but they just shouted at me. Telling me I'm a piece of shit. I'm no longer a baby to fucking cry.

I cried hard, I reviewed so hard til 1 am in the morning. I reviewed so hard to have good scores and grades. They don't know how pressured I was. How a simple low grade on quizzes affects my mental health as a college student.

Before I stepped in the university in my first year. I told myself I'll be a Dean's Lister, I got it on my first 3 semesters. I was a University Presidential Scholar, until I had this professor that seems to hate me and my friends. I got a grade of 2.25 in the whole section, all of us friends are the only ones who got those grades. I was devastated, I got removed as a Dean's Lister, I'm not a President scholar anymore.

I am.a grade conscious student. Ever since I put in mind. Graduating with Latin Honors will be such a blessing to have a good fucking work in the future and that was my plan. I planned to be a Magna Cum Laude or a Cum Laude. Because of this plans, I study hard, all night. I let myself be drawn in my own fucking world remembering a hundred scientists and hundred terminologies.

And a fucking exam could fucking break my heart.

I ranted because I want someone to listen.

That's just all.

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