$1.28 worth of BitcoinCash and Trying a Discounted Internet Promo

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Checking Cashrain everyday become a habit now. And doing it is so worth it because I can also gain a good amount of BitcoinCash in there.

With the new feature checking it is easier now than before that I have to check the active Cashrain one by one on the main page which I think take more time. So this feature is really a big help. Thanks to Kimdotcom for the update life is much easier now, teheee.

So, after so many days of not receiving anything from cashrain, because I think the time limit of every Cashrains is too long, that is why. Yesterday, I received another blessings from it.

I remember him, he is from Bitcoin.com app. I mean, I am not sure of his role a developer or what but he loves to shower some BitcoinCash for a very simple task in twitter or in noise.cash. Thanks to the community he created in Cashrain and to the BCH that he showered too. My wallet is happy again, ehshs.

Looking forward for more └|∵|┐♪.


Let's jump to different topic now....

Before, I don't really avail this kind of promo which is too much for me because of the amount. Tipidity nga kasi before so I watch my expenses. But it change when I saw that I can already earn big na.

But I am thinking of going back again to being matipid so that my savings won't dried up now that my earnings is not that big anymore. It is just a plan.

This will be the last time that I will indulge my wants. Next time, I have to restrain myself for those unnecessary expenses which is bad for my wallet.

So, I saw this promo the last week, it pops up in my Gagilife Application and if I remember it right, the promo is until 22 lang, but I am not sure anymore, they can change it anytime kasi.

499 php is like $9.03 but because it is christmas season, they have this special promo where I can save 100php or $1.81 so 499 minus 100, that's 399 only or $7.22. That's already a big discount.

Because I am downloading a lot of series from KDrama to Anime, I though why not grab this promo for once. This promo has 30 days Validity only which is already enough for me.

I don't want to avail the unlimited one where it has capping and I can't enjoy it to the fullest. This one is better and okay for me already, it's not a bad deals.

This promo comes with 24 GB shareable data or All Data which I can browse in different site, and aside from it, it has 2 GB everyday for all sites and apps which I find amazing because I can use that to download more movies, kdrama and anime. A good deal, seriously.

To sum it all, I have 84 GB of data that I can use anywhere! Not bad for its price diba? I mean, I always need it anyway do I just try it. And this is the last time that I will try it so, hehehe.

But I really wish availing data promo is not that expensive, aigoooo. TNT is the only network that has fast connection in our area so I have no choice but to use this. While the other Network is much cheaper, but I cant take the turtlenet or turtle like connection of it, lol.

December 22, 2022


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Natawa ako sa turtlenet connection, hahaha. Totoo yan, mas cheaper nga sana yung sa ibang network kaso ang hina ng connection like sa ginamit ko ngayon na Globe. Though di magastos masyado sa load kaso minsan nakakainis dahil sa sobrang bagal. May TNT sim naman ako kaso need magtipid kaya yung globe ko nalang ang ginamit kahit minsan ang hina ng connection.

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11 months ago

TNT sounds like a bomb lol, beware!

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11 months ago

It is but too expensive, lol

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11 months ago

I smile with you Ruffa, may you always get the best. Always blessed

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11 months ago