Tips for taking of care of Children""Part 2

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Good day my fellow readers here...Today I will be continue from where I stop on ""tips on how to take of children..I talked about LOVE in part 1🌝 and I hope you learnt something... Before I continue I will like to say a big thank you to those who read and comment on the first one(part 1)

Today we move to the second tips for taking care of children which is ""PATIENCE""

What is Patience??Patience” is word that you have probably heard a lot!  But you may wonder…”what on earth is patience, and why does everyone keep telling me to have it?”as a parent

Patience is waiting for something or someone.  It is accepting delay without getting angry or upset also Patience is a person's ability to wait something out or endure something tedious, without getting riled up.

Let's relate it back to our topic"tips on how to take care of children after the first step have been taken which is LOVE,the next is PATIENCE

As a parent let's cultivate the act of patient"Maybe your child is lacking in one area or the other in his or her academics and you started complaining or stop caring for such child that won't help at all we should be patient with our children,cause having patience means you can remain calm with such child,give him/her some time... It involves acceptance and tolerance..Being patient with your child is about being able to communicate with them without being fearful about what others think...

One of the importance of Patience is that it allows your child to learn valuable lessons.

When you become a parent, your only goal is to raise and nurture a good child. You do this, in the hopes that one day they will grow up to be a great person.As a parent being patient and addressing them is the best way to ensure that your child learns valuable lessons in life.. For example Children want to play longer and don’t want the fun to end. Being upset when the fun is over is natural and completely normal. However, when a child gets upset, panic can set in for a parent. Tears and wails can make parents upset and punish their children. Instead of being forceful with your child, a dose of patience might be what they need. So, instead of shouting at them to stop crying, perhaps using the opportunity to provide them with a lesson and show them love cause ""with love and patience nothing is impossible"


Patience helps acquire positive attitude

If things are not going the way you want for your children, instead of getting frustrated, you must learn to be patient. You need to see things and situations in a positive light to make your child life happier. And to get that positivity, As a parent you need to be patient.

In conclusion at large,like I said earlier "people who can wait long achieve better things than those with no patience since it is impossible to acquire success in a single day..😊😊

Thank you for Reading

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