Innovative new painless workout that makes use of normal exercise

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Painless Workouts - Innovation in Fitness

This is an amazing new exercise system that's painless, more efficient, safer, and can achieve better results faster. It's like fitness reimagined if you want to use a cliche. What is really is, is the theory behind the fitness movement, upended.

If you are looking to get fit, to shape up, to get new contours, drop the hard workouts, and try these!

What's the difference?

All of the body is involved in the movement. And this includes the head. So that when the exercises are done, the body is moved as a unit. The body's movements are more natural. Or better the movements are more in line with nature.

And most of the workout uses normal fitness exercises. There are some exceptions, where an exercise movement has to be done using a different body position. It's the same movement where maybe you are not laying down, but you are standing up. However, you work out the same muscles and more.

It's more efficient

You can better work the muscle group that you trying to focus on, build, or develop, as well as the opposing or supporting muscles. It's the opposite of muscle isolation, you strengthen the whole muscle system, going up through the spine to the head. This produces more stable results that are easier to maintain.

This means you can not only achieve results faster but maintain your body's new conditioning much easier.

What are the limits?

There doesn't seem to be very many limits. For example, you can use free weights with the exercises.

Though the exercises themselves haven't been my focus, so what needs to be done is more exercises have to be adapted. Most of the exercises we have are good, but we just have to change the way we do them slightly.

The fact that the exercises are painless, is almost like a horizon that you can step through and there is a whole nother world in there in terms of fitness.

What are the results like?

The feeling the body gets is like yoga at the same time knowing that you are fitter or smaller or slimmer. It doesn't result in the hard exercise feeling, but at the same time, you know you worked out.

This goes to the question of what is fitness.

If you add weights, and I've only tried the little dumbbells, there's a fluffy feeling, but later the muscles feel very powerful.

You don't get the workout pain the next day.

Your workouts become more of a mental-physical workout. So you get the feeling you want to stop an exercise movement, rather than, wanting to stop because you are in so much pain. It's the new barrier.

The exercises leave you feeling lighter and freer and moving in a way that you didn't realize you could. And this is where it gets really different, because if you are older you start to feel younger, and if you are younger, then maintaining your body becomes more of a breeze.

How did I get into this?

When I was about 22 years old, I came up with the idea to write a book on facial exercise, because I thought it needed to be done. But when I realized there was nothing on offer, as in what was on offer was not exercises, in my opinion, where there were ladies books mainly, that were using fingers and massage.

But to come up with a facial exercise regime, I would have to use theories, because I was still in my twenties. And my first facial exercise regime was based on the theory of stretch. That if you could stretch the facial muscles to relieve the tension, that causes the muscles to contract and form the wrinkle. Makes sense, right?

I wrote a book on the early work, and I taught it to people in classes. It made people's faces feel relaxed, but it didn't produce the result I was looking for.

In going back to the drawing board, and doubling down on the study of the face, head neck anatomy, and in trying to take a different approach to facial fitness, I inadvertently created a painless exercise system.

It's like Teflon or the glue on those post-it notes, you were trying to achieve one result and you get another.

And there is more to be added, I'm still working on it.

The Workout

Normal exercise is like a bird in a cage, this is letting the bird go!

There are so many assumptions associated with the way we work out, and there is no one to blame and there's nothing wrong with anyone. It's just that it has not really been thought about. The normal way to workout focuses on the young because once the body gets older it loses its effectiveness. You have to switch to workouts for the over the forties or fifties and you have to use a lot more effort to get the same results - results that are not quite the same.

We've been conditioned to accept that exercises need to be painful in order to be effective. And you are told constantly no pain no gain. Now you don't have to feel good about the pain. You do the exercises and get the results!

Exercise Practise

Forgive my pictures, did them myself on a 3D program!!

Let's start with this ultra simple arm exercise.

What I want to do now is go over the mechanics of this arm movement.

The basic exercise movement involves swinging your arms back and forth. Like when you were a child, it's not complicated!!

What does change is how the body or head and spine are moved in relation to the arm movement.

So if you wanted to put on wrist weights or hold the dumbbells, this movement would be done in the same way.

Arms Straight Exercise

When you are swinging your arms forward, then your head comes forward.

There is no proper posture or positioning.

When your arms come forward, your head rolls down. And as the head is moved, the back or spine moves into a curve naturally.

If you could follow that instruction.

You end up working your arms, the spine, and your head.

To swing the arms backward, then the head moves the other way.

Again you are not fixing your posture, you are not fixing your shoulders.

The painless exercise system uses different rules!

When you take your arms back, the head goes back and the spine does what it wants.

Your spine is now taking its instructions from the head. Don't try to alter it, fix it or position it. Let nature do its thing.

When the baby moves their head the spine takes its instructions from the head's position.

Spend 1-2 minutes, taking the arms back and forth as you would normally exercise them. Take breaks when you need to. Come back and finish your allotted time.

Arm Variation

The same exercise here, but instead of keeping your arms straight, you go into the boxers poise. Very powerful exercise and your arms will soon grow in strength with these exercises.

Arms Bent Exercise

Of course, this is only a diagram so you take your head back as comfortably as you want. Your age is going to affect how you do this exercise. But the fact is anyone can do it, and start building up your fitness levels. You could be a teenager or 70 years old.

So you are swinging your arms back and forth and letting your head move with it. How fast you do it depends on your age and ability.

If at any time you feel like stopping, just stop and start again. On restarting after a short break, if you are not too tired, these exercise movements become even easier. And this translates into how light and free your body starts to move throughout the day, with regular practice. That's the yoga part!

If you are interested

I've written a few books digital which can be downloaded from Kindle, Kobo, and soon put them on a site so that if you wanted to, you can also use cryptocurrency to buy them.

See Kindle EZY Fitness Plans Here >>

Ezy Hips & Thighs - is one of the fitness plans

If you are not interested maybe someone else might be. Some people think I'm going to stick it out with my program, but a lot of those exercises are going to be adapted and made painless in the future. Now is a good time to make the switch, because the painless workout is so much more efficient, they will make normal workouts easier.

There are videos online of fashion models crying because they've put on weight and lost work. These exercises will take care of that. It's so easy for the young to maintain their body shape and size with these exercises.

But if you see the guys' workout sessions, where they are working very specific muscle for a male body look, we haven't got that yet. Because these are programs, for example, in sports fitness, a swimmer would have a different workout to a football or tennis player.

These exercises will allow you to get fit more easily doing any workout.

If you selected one of our basic workouts and did them a couple of times a week, but still attended your fitness class, you will notice your stamina increases almost effortlessly, where you may have struggled before.

The painless workout is deceptive because though the exercises are simple they make huge demands on your body.

The painless stomach exercise is an adapted situp and is really good because with breaks you can do any number of them. And also you can change the frequency at which you do them. By stepping up the intensity of the ab workout, in a week, it will feel like you've been working out for months. Always take sensible precautions with these or any exercise regime. That said, with the painless workout it is more difficult to get an injury.

Many of the exercises are very simple, but by doing them they will help with your other workouts or sporting activities.

Feel free to ask any questions. I'll try to answer them or write another post based on your frequently asked questions.

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This article is very beautiful. And one of the most important article

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3 years ago

I am going to try these exercises, I hope these work. I have always done exercises that I could only do one of, like push-ups. I would do one push up, and could not do another so I would do one every hour, not effective. This totally counters that problem, thank you so much! I can't wait to try these out!

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3 years ago

Yeah you are right .Physical exercise are very important for good health. Thanks for your informative article.

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These exercises are very useful for keeping the body fit

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Physical exercise are very important for good health. Thanks for your informative article.

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Really amazing new exercise species much better there thank you so much.

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3 years ago

Very well written article. I guess the "No pain, No gain" is out? and would encourage others to not be scared of getting hurt from risky activities/exercise or heavy lifting. :)

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It's closer to how you would move when you were a kid.

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Exercising body is very important it ensure s our body is free tiredless

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This is a really helpful article. I'm gonna try some out somedays

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Excercise is very essential for our health to keep body fit. Your giving tips will help us to keep our body fit and healthy.

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I'm not quite sure what kind of exercise is this article talking about 😵 it's not very clear to me.

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Call the exercises the Painless Fitness System.

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