She thought I was a monster...

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I sat on the cold floor, brooding my mother's untimely death. Amidst tears,I stood and headed for the bathroom to clean my face, when everything turned black.

It was my mother, beautiful as always, pulling me in for a hug. She looked so peaceful, at that moment I wanted nothing more than to be with her. There was an empty seat beside her, I was about to sit when she strictly reprimanded me, pushed me far away from her.

I woke up to the screams and attempt of well wishers, trying to revive me. I stared at everyone in a strange way, trying to figure out where I am, when it hit me that my mother is truly dead and we are mourning her.

I must have passed out, I thought. I was helped to the couch where they continued to fan me and sprinkle water on my face, while I continued crying.

Before my mother's death, she suffered unimaginable pains. Few weeks after her strange sickness, she started vomiting blood along with a brownish, foul smell. It was a real torment for her, she'll tumble over, like one possessed, roll on the floor, hit her head countless times on the wall, before vomiting the liquids.

A fateful afternoon, I watched her scream in agony, begging for death. My father and I could see, vividly the object moving all over her body. It was like a ball of fire, roaming her body, giving her sleepless nights and hurtful days. It was glowing in her body and we could see. I was shocked to my bones. After a while, the object settled in her tummy and remained calm like a sleeping infant.

This event brought memories of my birth. When I was seven years, my mother told me of her ordeal during my pregnancy. She said, she wanted to abort me, cause of the troubles I gave her. I was always giggling and laughing in the womb. It was like I was having a conversation with unseen people. My mother wasn't happy, obviously. Her pregnancy was a thing of disgrace to her, I could start talking anywhere not minding the environment. Countless times, people told my mum to get rid of me.

Well, she tried. But I would not be aborted. When I was born, the real trouble began. As an infant, whenever I am hungry or needs attention, I'll make things happen. Simple things like breaking valuable materials at home. My mother always think it was an accident, because she'll always meet me in bed, weeping.

At times, I'll set things on fire with my breathe. My mother became extremely worried and made consultations. She was told I was possessed and to get rid of me, with immediate effect. She totally believed.

When I was four, I stopped exhibiting strange behaviours and lived a normal life, as other human. My mother became strangely Ill after my tenth birthday.

All manner of treatment failed her. She was in agony. Her body was on fire. The ball of fire in her kept multiplying each day and her stomach protuded like she was pregnant.

I would never forget the sight of her body on the day she died. It was a terrible experience. She could pass for a skeleton, due to her inability to eat or drink water. Her legs miraculously became huge, overnight, she screamed and screamed, but the pain wouldn't go. She somehow got hold of a blade and used it to make various patterns on her legs. The bed was filled with terrible odour, still her legs continued to swell.

Until a day, when we heard a blast from her room. It sounded like an explosion. We were all rooted to a spot when we saw her. Her swollen legs exploded like a time bomb. It was an ugly scene. She pleaded for death over and over, but she didn't die.

Her stomach couldn't accommodate another ball of fire, so she birthed them. She clawed at her stomach, deeply like an enraged digger. She clawed till her stomach gave way, and shockingly, only her internal organs came out.

The ball of fire, always roaming her body was nowhere to be found, it mysteriously disappeared. I couldn't bear to see my mother in pain. I ran to my room, locked the door and cried, begging God to please take my mother before she suffers any more pain.

I guessed God finally answered my prayers when I saw my mother decomposing right in front of me. She was reduced to only dust. Her screams filled the whole house and my ears as she gave up. Her struggles, and high pitched screams sent chills done my spine. My world literally crumbled when she died. My father couldn't watch her, he was took heartbroken to see his beloved lover, suffer.

For three days and nights, sleep eluded me. I was just in tears, mourning my mother. When her remains was lowered into the grave, I jumped into her grave and cried. It took four grown men to pull me out. I couldn't bear to see my mother alone, in there.

Well, my mother was just unlucky to birth me. She thought I was a monster, she wasn't wrong. I was the one who put her in endless pain and agony. Watching her suffer was like balm to my sore wound. I couldn't help but smile each time, she is attacked. I am truly the monster sent from the deepest part of hell, to wreck havoc and create chaos.

Nothing gives me satisfaction than watching people struggle for breath. Terror is my first name, I breathe terror and rejoice in terror.

My mother, I made her paralyzed, filled fire in her body to roast her up, bloated her legs and made them explode,made her organs leave their place. Her blood was yummy, it was the sweetest, ever.

My name is Levil, and I'm four thousand years old. I love watching people in pain, for pleasure.

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Wow that was breathtaking, didn't expect that coming. I felt sympathy at first but in the end I was like, okay nevermind. You are so creative, keep it up!

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