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Yeah, I'm back into the business of discussing relationships. Today's focus is on heartbreak. Personally, I feel if you must end things with your partner, you should do it in a reasonable and understandable way. Instead of dumping your partner like a bundle of trash, sit with them and reason together. Let them know why you need to end things.

I strongly believe that when you and your partner sits and discuss about your break up, it'll leave less pain and scar on you. I know it's not easy to just talk about breaking up. In some cases, to avoid broken homes in future, people end things with their lover. Which I think it's right to do.

I saw a story on the internet today, it's about a lady who is heartbroken. She said her boyfriend travelled abroad without her knowing about it. It was when she called he just told her that he's no more in the country and that she should move on. The lady said she was devastated, she couldn't believe what she just heard. She said she's feeling hot, cold and hungry at the same time. She said she is not okay. I felt for her a lot. I was like what will it cost the boyfriend to tell her he's leaving the country. He plans to enjoy his life in another country while he leaves behind a broken heart, in pains, which might never heal.

Another one I saw was about a lady that gave a huge amount of money to her fiance to support his work. He was working on a contract and he needed money to finance it. This innocent lady helped, but unknown to her, he was looking for money to wed another lady in another state. After giving her lover the money, he travelled for business, according to her. She started calling his numbers when she didn't hear from him. Contacted his friends, they didn't know about his whereabouts. It was later, she saw pictures of her supposed lover on the Internet with another lady, during the traditional ceremony. Broken, is an understatement. Let me say she's ruined, already. I'm sure she won't know where to start from, she must feel so helpless and hopeless now.

Ladies and Gentlemen, instead of breaking up with your partner in a terrible way that will leave them devasted, let them know why you want to end things with them. Let them see reasons why you don't think things can work well again. Heartbreak isn't a good thing. The heart is not to be toyed with. Here is a poem I wrote on heartbreak:


When you left, you took a chunk of me,

Not minding the havoc you’ve wrecked,

You disappeared into the night,

Like you invaded my heart.

Stealthily as an elf,

You arrived and displayed how to fall,

My perspective about love was changed,

To realms unimaginable you drove me.

Your magic of endearment,

Charming and calm sweet words,

Sent me into an uncontrollable frenzy,

I wished for nothing more than to exchange vows and blood,

Again, you showed me the ways of the world,

When finally you renounced me without a bye,

Dumped without warnings,

While deep in the ocean of love.

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It's so heartbroken when partners does such things. It will only take a little moment to explain and everything will be resolved.

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