Death of PD

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PD, is my favourite character from this series "Mehek" on Zee world. Mehek is a romance series and I enjoy watching it a lot cause of the beautiful twist and the plot.

I don't love Watching series,but Mehek captured my heart. I can't do without watching it in a day. Recently, the Khanna's and Sharma's family have been facing a huge problem of terrorism. Unknown to Mehek and her family, her husband, Shaurya khanna, was kidnapped by terrorist and an imposter became Shaurya khanna, with the aid of a mask.

The Khanna's family is just unfortunate to fall into the hands of terrorist. Their main aim was the home minister. They tried to bomb the location for the independence ceremonies,but thanks to Mehek, no one died.

First, they kidnapped Shaurya khanna, next they kidnapped innocent Neeve. Neeve, discovered that the supposed Shaurya khanna was an imposter and terrorist. To keep their secret, the slit Neeeve's throat, thereby making him dumb. Still, he tried to warn Mehek of the danger but he was taken away. The imposter said he'll take Neeve to Singapore for treatment. They sent the imposter with Neeve to Singapore, but they didn't go there. They took Neeve to where the real Shaurya khanna was kept. They decorated the place to look like an expensive hospital to fool others. Mehek did a video call to see Neeve, she didn't realize that they were not in Singapore but, still around her.

Back to PD, she was the oldest member of the Sharma's family. Mehek's grandmother. She had a little problem with her health,so Mehek came to take her to the doctor. It was around the temple, after seeing the doctor, they decided to pray at the temple.

While praying, PD told Mehek to get the holy thread so they can tie to the tree. After Mehek left, PD saw Shaurya and she was wondering when Shaurya came back from Singapore without informing Mehek. She kept watching and saw Shaurya removing the mask. She was shocked to see the face behind the mask. She realized that someone was pretending to be Shaurya, she saw Armaan's face, the imposter. He saw her too, but PD ran. The imposter told his gangs to chase after her and bring her, PD couldn't run fast, she was caught.

The Imposter brutally murdered PD near the temple. I was devastated. I couldn't believe what I just saw, PD died. I didn't even realize when I started crying. Mehek cried a lot, she was PD's favourite. The pain I felt in my heart was unbearable. You'll think I'm related to her or that it was real. The way I was crying, you won't believe it's just a movie.

Everyone loved PD, she was a jovial, and selfless grandma. Even Shaurya khanna, wept when he was told of PD's death by the imposter. He remembered how he told PD that he'll marry her. PD was beautiful. When the other members of the family heard of her death, they were beyond shocked. I pitied Mehek, the most. It would have been better if PD died a peaceful death, not murdered.

For the first time, I really felt the pains of people affected by terrorist. Husbands, wives, families, children killed by terrorist. Terrorism is bad. It only brings pain and countless heartbreaks. To all who have lost a loved one to death, I sympathize with you.

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You title almost blow me off I thought she was dead for real. You got me. Am not a fan of Bollywood . That imposter should be dealt with several when he is exposed.

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1 year ago

Ha ha.

Yes, the imposter will surely be exposed

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