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I Didn't Exchange Money From Exchanger In My Online Earning Journey How I Learnt About Withdrawal

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1 month ago

Greetings To All Readers.....!

One year and eight months back i enter in the new world that's called online world, to earn money online and to learn something new. Totally confused about that the journey i started is either becoming successful or not. I listened about online earning from my Mathematics teachers about eight to nine years ago and this thing fixed in mind so i decided to do something new when i bought a mobile. So more than one year back when i bought a mobile the first thing i searched it on Google is that how i can earn money online. Google give me different types of option like;

  • Becoming freelancer on fiverr,, upwork etc.

  • Earn money by creating blog

  • By creating my own YouTube channel

But you know as a beginner and a childern it's difficult for me to take a start of my online earning journey from these things and obviously if i take a start from these things today am not here and also my wish of online earning is getting died.

So i start searching on google about online earning websites without investment and online earning apps on playstore. Even though in start i didn't found too much worthy app or website, but by good luck one of the app named "Easy Money" installed in my mobile and become my one of the favourite app. In start i didn't know how to earn money from it but by continous usage i learnt each and everything about this app. The minimum withdrawal limit from this app is 10 Rubbles and when i reached the withdrawal limit threshold i try to withdraw this amount from this app to check that either this app is real or fake. But i didn't know how i take withdraw money from it so to do Experiments and learn something new i clicked on the payout where i found different types of wallet option to withdraw the money like advcash, Payeer wallet, skrill, web money etc.

Screenshot Taken From Easy Money App

Am choosy about each and everything so when i saw this list of wallet am getting confused Which wallet is best and easy to use for me. Out of them advcash is looking cool to me so I selected this wallet to take my first withdraw. First i gone to the Google and searched that Is Advcash wallet give withdrawal in Pakistan....? And the answer is yes and i got happy about it .

Then i go to the Playstore to install Advcash wallet app but oops there is no advcash wallet app we just used it on Google or browser but it's okay i managed it and create the account on advcash and then i go to the EasyMoney app and click on payout and then Advcash wallet.

Screenshot Taken From EasyMoney App

After clicking on the advcash such a form appeared on the screen where we need to put withdrawal amount and advcash wallet email address and after few hours you received the amount in advcash. And i received this amount which shows that its legit app. But 10 Rubbles is not too much worthy amount so i saved this amount in the wallet and try to earn more rubbles from Easy Money App. Also i trird to learn about different methods how i withdraw money from advcash wallet in Pakistan. Luckily i found a good YouTube video from which i learnt with the help of Cashmaal account we withdraw money from advcash wallet and then transfer into Easypaisa account.

So i installed Cashmaal app made account there and add Easypaisa account number here or set the transaction pin the next step is very easy. When i have 300 plus rubbles i transfer it into advcash then into Cashmaal and from Cashmaal to Easypaisa.

Screenshot Taken From Playstore
My EasyMoney App Profile

I have earned more than 300 Rubbles from this app and received almost 600 Pkr/- in my Easypaisa account. Earning money from this app is not too much easy even though i earned more than 200 Rubbles Within month from this app by the betting game. But not all the time you are lucky so almost in the end of July 2020 i left this app and start searching for that app or website which paid us in dollars and last year 2captacha app is trending in Pakistan. So i installed this app and start captacha filling jobs there we need to fill 1000 captacha to earn $1.

Due to this app am able to earn $0.6 to $0.7 dollar in week and minimum payout amount there is $0.5 and for which we need to have a payeer wallet account. I installed Payeer app and made account on it which not too much easy for me but i did it and to deposit amount from Payeer to Cashmaal account is same as from advcash so i didn't need to face too much Difficulty.

In b/w i say payeer is the world best wallet because we can't just deposit the Rubbles and USD there. Payeer is the multi-currency wallet we can deposit cryptocurrencies also there like BitcoinCash, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, etc

Screenshot Taken From Payeer Wallet

Although i didn't have too much knowledge about cryptocurrencies but i used a website like timebucks which paid in Bitcoin and minimum withdrawal limit is $10. I didn't have too much knowledge about Bitcoin and it's withdrawal but when i had earned more than $10 in timebucks i simply copy the Bitcoin address from Payeer wallet and then withdraw it.

Moreover in the end of November, i start using which paid us in Dogecoins. I haven't any kind of experience of Dogecoins and also i have nothing to do to earn money so i start using it and when i reached to Withdrawal limit i searched on YouTube how i can withdraw Dogecoins from tipestry so i found the option of Cryptonator Wallet.

Screenshot taken from Playstore

I install it made an account and then send my Dogecoins to the Dogecoins Wallet Address, where i convert them into Litecoin and send into Payeer Litecoin wallet address then change into USD and make the Withdrawal of them.

The end of December 2020, bring the amazing cryptocurrency in my life that's the Bitcoincash and after this i forget to earn other cryptocurrencies and just limited my life to and Bitcoincash. To withdraw BitcoinCash, am from start use BitcoinCash wallet.

Screenshot Taken From Playstore

From this wallet i sent my Bitcoincash into Payeer wallet and then withdraw it through Cashmaal. After the new update of setting the minimum payout limit i connect my Payeer wallet with noisecash. Everything is going okay all wallets are working well but the Cashmaal stop giving the withdrawal through Easypaisa.

Screenshot Taken From Gmails

From January to till yet i earned a lots of BitcoinCash both from noisecash and readcash and instead of any exchanger i always withdraw money from my own behalf.

Screenshot Taken From Cashmaal

Reasons Why I Didn't Exchange Money From Exchanger:

  • Am living in one of the village of Kashmir, where people follow the old values till yet and didn't allow their daughter for modernizm.

  • Also am belong to such family where womens are just limited to the home. Till yet i don't see that my Mom gone to the Bazar for shopping as well as my aunt.

  • I have an permission of using mobile, gone to the shopping, study in university but always follow the rules of family.

  • I consider myself a modern but somehow my thoughts are also like my Mother and conservative mind to some extent like 5%, that's why i prefer to exchange money on my own behalf instead of any exchangers.

Benefits Of Withdrawing Money On Your Own Behalf:

If you have passion of earning money and exploring different platforms then taking withdrawal from different platforms and of different cryptocurrencies make you confident and give different types of experiences.

Benefits Of Withdrawing/ Exchange Money From Exchanger:

Past days i was facing the issue in Cashmaal account where they rejected my Withdrawal again and again. I have more than 3000 rupees in Cashmaal account so instead of giving up with the idea of friend i deposited it Again in my Payeer wallet and then exchange it through exchangers. And the facility i found while withdrawing money from exchanger is that we just need to send our BitcoinCash to the Exchangers and then we don't need to follow the further steps and money immediately sent to our Easypaisa account.

Screenshot taken from my Sms app

Closing Thoughts:

The reason of this article is that i invited few people on noisecash some before referral system and some through referral link. And some are just new in crypto so they are facing different types of issues in withdrawing money i just want to say that everyone in start same difficulties and issues so never loose hope and try try again. And consult YouTube to learn each thing in which you faced difficulty, i also learnt most of the things from YouTube and Google.

Thanks For Reading.....!

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Written by   109
1 month ago
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We really have to find out what works for us. There will always be a way if we continue to persist and find solutions.

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Veryyyy Nyccccc article and have a good content...wanna read ur next article.

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I also use the same process because it is an easy way to convert your dollars in rupees

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Hahahaha to be honest I'm very lazy and that's why I always prefer exchanging money through exchanger lol

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And this is so easy process and next i also prefer this

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I would like to say you are mini Money bank in you're home BECAUSE you learn a Lot thing and you earn a lot of money with You're mind skill that's are really necessary for a student to learn everything now are days and very Best thing's in you

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Thankyou for your kind words

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