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I read an article by @ZehraSky where she answered questions from a random generator which you can find on    https://learnhip.com/randomq/
I liked it and generated a few random questions for myself that I answered.

Let's go read it.

Do you believe in ghosts?

Yes, I do. They exist but in a different dimension. They are good and bad as people. We had one bad ghost at home. Yes, he or she was very bad and even did noises in the house. I am not afraid of ghosts but I was upset that they damaged several things in our house.

First was damaged my computer. As the second thing was damaged our microwave. We had to buy a new one but when I unboxed it from the paper box I saw it was damaged too. How did they do it? There had to be more ghosts because one is at home and one or two were in the store.

I was very upset when the ghost managed to damage our 1-year-old robotic vacuum cleaner. Fortunately, it was under warranty and was repaired in 3 weeks. Do you think it's over? No, because the ghost chose my wife's TV headphones and took the sound out of them. The ghost managed to break electrical things. I think he's still there and I don't know how to get him out of the house. If you know, please give me good advice.

Do you ever gamble?

Yes, I do. Who wouldn't try slot machines? You toss coins there and watch it spin. Then it stops and plays a sad tune that you didn't win and the slot swallows the money. Then you can see someone else win a lot of coins fall out at the bottom and he rejoices loudly. How is it possible? Someone just has to win for others to still play.

I tried a virtual casino when I found guaranteed advice on how to get rich in roulette. Place a chip on the black square and if the red square falls then make a double bet. It worked for a while but only until I put more money. I lost the entire deposit.

I could write about lotteries and betting on horses or sports but you would need several lives to do that before you really win big money. I don't completely condemn it, but I play once or twice a year.

Have you ever dreamt of something that later came true?

Yes, I have and I do it often.
I know that there is a law of attraction, even in thought. Ask for the universe and it will fulfill your wishes. How fast? Give it some time and most importantly believe that it will happen.
Be positive and do something about it. Go to the event and don't sit at home. When I got divorced, I was looking for a good woman and I found her after many attempts in a city where I didn't even want to go. I just went to the event and it came true.

Do you take vitamins or other supplements?

Yes, I do 3 vitamins and two supplements. Why? Because times are covid and people should protect themselves from disease. When do you ask what do I take? I answer that it is vitamin C with echinacea and vitamin D3. Sometimes I take vitamin B12. The first accessory is for joints and is called Inovo5. Since I started exercising, I bought a chocolate-flavored protein powder.

What possible future invention do you wish existed now?
I would like there to be a cure for cancer and other malignancies. I think it would be great to be able to travel in time to the past and to the future.
Imagine being able to fix something in your life. They imagine the time machine as a cabin that you can buy instead of a car. You will need to get a driver's license and follow the rules for traveling.

What are your guilty pleasures?

Of course, I do some. I like to drink beer every day but I only get two beers for health. I hardly drink any other alcohol only if there is a reason to do so. For example, birthdays or meetings with friends. I like to eat sweet food at least once a day. It really bothers me and I feel guilty because my weight is going up. I have to change that. I like pretty girls so I look at them but nothing more. I have a good wife at home, so I'm loyal to her.

Are you good at managing your time?

Unfortunately, I do not. I always fight over time when I have to be somewhere in time there are many things that delay me or I don't have them ready and then I'm late. I don't write about what I forget to take with me. My wife says that one day I will forget to take my head. Of course, I go to work on time which is very important.

I'm a night creature and my day runs very fast probably because after my night work I sleep like a hedgehog and I won't get out of bed until the afternoon.

What's the best thing about being single?

It depends on whether you are a man or a woman and whether you are in a mom's hotel or you live your life for your own money.

I remember living as a single for several years. I took the girls home and enjoyed everything life had to offer. Sometimes I was alone and I was sad that I didn't want to be single. In two, life is much nicer, you have to have a good partner.

If you won a lot of money, what would you spend it on?

Oh, did I really win? I don't think this can end well. People will envy me and I will have to move to another city or even another country.

My answer is that I will buy a new car and a new house with a large garden in another city. I will give the money to everyone in the family and put something in the bank and in Bitcoin Cash where I will give my friends more rewards. I will support both projects. How much money did I actually win? Mostly I lost the money.

What do you recycle?

Yes, I do. I protect our planet but I'm sorry a lot of people don't. We have colored bins and every color means something. For example, blue is paper, yellow is plastic, brown is biowaste. Black for household waste. In the town, you can find metal bins, electrical bins, rags, oil, it is great but a lot of factories pollute the air and rivers. The big ships overturn and oil flows into the ocean. There is plastic in the sea. This is really not a good situation. Does anyone care about it when they want to make money?

What was your first car?

Yes, that's a beautiful question. My first car was an older Warburg 353 sedan. It was a car from East Germany. We lived in a communist country, so there were low-quality cars only from socialist countries.

My red car was simple and I was always able to fix all the faults. I could even drive on cheap technical petrol. My first dog loved the car more than I did and wanted me to drive it. He sat on a back seat and looked out the window every time. I was driving with this old car for several years until they banned it from running on old leaded gasoline. Do you prefer to drive or to be a passenger? I will answer this question only briefly. I like it more when I can drive because a lot of people drive badly or drive fast and that's what I'm afraid of.

If there were a pill that enabled you to live to 1000, would you take it?

The best for the end. I read here that people don't want to live 1000 years but I really want to. Life is so interesting that I'm willing to risk it. Surely there will be pills for those who would like to come with me. I don't think anything is impossible and one day such a pill will be made.
I'm in. I believe in the afterlife in which the soul of sinners moves into a new body because the soul is immortal and will be here as long as our planet.
In fact, we always just need a new body for the next 80 years.
Why should we be born so many times when we could live 1000 years in one healthy body.
Haha, it is already a difficult philosophy.
I wish everyone who has read my article to the end a long and healthy life in a place that they love with those who love them.
Thank you for reading.

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Too many questions, too little time! :) I don't want to be 1000 years old. I take vitamins. I don't believe in ghosts! My first car was a Nissan Sunny. With the money I save, I have a great desire for a motorhome to travel the world with and a lonely beachfront villa. My life is stressful, I don’t have time for anything. I love candy! No gambling, sometimes I buy lotteries.!

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2 years ago

I think the ghosts that haunt your house cross the ocean and come here from time to time. Here, its last victim was the dryer. And well, to live 1000 years I don't know.😅 I want to live long but that's like too much, hehe. Fun reading!

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2 years ago

1000 years Roman? I’m already so tired after 39 😅😅😅

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2 years ago

Thank you my dear friend Monika, why do you feel so tired after 39 years? Do you need an elixir of youth? Is it a feeling of the soul or body? I apologize for so many questions. 🙏💐

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2 years ago