Mt.pinatubo eruption

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For residents,

deluge if treated with burst

Volcano Grown in 1991. But

now, they are a source of grace.

According to the National Geophysical Data Center,

up to 350 people died in the

eruption of Mount Pinatubo in June

15, 1991, exactly 26 years old


The total number reached 722

of those who died as a result of the

volcano. Many of the victims were

sick at evacuation centers,

until eventually die.Thousands also lost their homes in

considered the second largest

volcanic eruption in the 20th century.

Many have thought that forever

map of the Philippines will be erased

province of Pampanga.

The Caballa family home is one of

Barangay Cabangbangan in the town of

Bacolor in lahar covered areas.

In 1994 the house was completed

The family's cottage drifts off first

eruption of Mt. Grown in 1991.

Almost the roof was left behind

covered by nearly six meters of lahar

their home.Despite this, the

church for patrons. Because of

also in its state, the better known

church as one of the tourists

destinations in the province.

Wellness and spa facilities are also available

in Barangay Sapang Bato and Porac. May 4x4

ride where I can see the lahar,

sand spa and mud pack from Pinatubo

ashes, and can also relax in cold and hot

spring pools.

It also provided livelihood for some

native Aeta.

After 26 years, the lava

what was once was considered grace

now.There are some residents who can

various religious images and

handicraft from ashes and other carry

volcanic eruption.

Even the province is buried in the lava,

the Kapampangan proved otherwise

that they can recover from it.

Any bitter nightmare of experience,

still the stability of those


Based on my experience when i was 12years im really scared that time when mt.pinatubo eruption i will never forget it.

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This is the first time I read an article about this eruption of Mt. Pinatubo hehe Thanks for this. Hoping you publish more about our histories and beautiful nature.

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3 years ago