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Tesla-'Child Of Light'

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The most mysterious and wonderful scientist in the history of the world was Nikola Tesla who, in fact, passed the whole modern world to us. You may not know much about his discovery. He had patents for more than 300 inventions and his inventions were more modern than ever, which is still considered modern in the present age. He also had the power to destroy the earth, but he destroyed it for the good of mankind.

Nikola Tesla

Birth and place:

Nikola Tesla's birth was mysterious. He was born in Croatia, mysteriously at 9:00 pm, between July 9 and July 10, 1857, on a night of extreme weather and thunderstorms. That is why his date of birth is twice. However, to avoid confusion, Wikipedia has written July 10 instead of July 9 and 10. People called him "Child of Darkness" because he was born in bad and terrible weather, but his mother said he would one day illuminate the world, so his mother called him "Child of Light". But in reality it happened. He invented AC current which enlighten the world. He was born in a village called Similjan (present-day Croatia).

House with Tesla

His father, Milutin Tesla (1819–189), was a priest by profession, and his mother, Duka Tesla (1822–1892). Tesla is the 4th of his parents' five children. His three sisters Milka, Angelina, Marika and brother Dane, who died in a horse race when Tesla was 5 years old.

Family of Tesla


Tesla went to an elementary school in Similjan in 1861, where he learned German, mathematics and religion. In 1862 his family moved to Gospik, where his father worked as a priest. Tesla completed his primary education and general education.In 1870 he went to Karlova in the north to be admitted to high school. German was taught there.In 1873 he completed his 4 years of school in just 3 years.

In 1874 he joined the Austrian-Hungarian army.In 1875, Nikola Tesla received an Army Scholarship in a garage in Austria. He joined a Siberian culture club. A letter goes to his father from the head of his science department. It was written there, your son is first on the merit list. He studied from 3am to 11pm on all days except Sundays and holidays. But He lost his scholarship after the 2nd year because he became addicted to gambling. In the 3rd year, he lost all the benefits including admission.

After that tesla became emotionally broken and moved to Budapest in 1881 without finishing his studies. Tesla started working for a company in there. He realized that his company was under construction, so he worked hard. Within a few months his company became one of the largest in Budapest, and he was its chief electrician. While working at the Central Telegraph Office, he came up with the idea of ​​the first induction motor. It was here that he made a sketch of the principles of the rotating electric field, which is still used in many electrical devices today. His success laid the groundwork for many more innovations in the future, including directional current or AC current.

Career description:

In 1884 Nikola Tesla settled in America. He was accompanied by 4 clothes and only an identity card, along with a letter from Thomas Edison to Nikola Tesla asking him to deliver to Thomas Edison. The letter read: I know two wise men in the world, one you (Edison) and the other Nikola Tesla standing in front of you. Edison hired Nikola Tesla to his company and announced that he would pay him 50,000 dollar to redesign the DC generator. Nikola Tesla worked hard and succeeded. In the meantime Nikola Tesla made the most amazing discovery that changed the whole world.

And that is AC power or Alternating Current. With Edison's DC power, people just thought of getting light. But with the AC invented by Nikola Tesla, people can understand that everything is possible. Nikola Tesla told Edison to use AC instead of DC. Edison became enraged and Tesla split from his company to form a new company called Tesla Electric Company. AC power soon became popular. Because AC was very powerful, it was available at low cost and was only suitable for industrial work.

Meanwhile, Edison's DC power is almost over. It is rumored that Edison stole dogs and cats from the homes of the permanent residents to stop Nikola Tesla, set up camps on the streets and killed them in front of the people with electric shocks. Explain to the administration to kill a convicted felon with AC. These incidents caused panic in the minds of the people and caused extreme financial ruin to the Nikola Tesla company and at one point Nikola Tesla sold patents for AC power. With $ 60,000 in patent sales, he explored new inventions.

Nikola Tesla's inventions in human welfare:

This great scientist Nikola Tesla had a patent for more than 300 inventions. Also did not receive patents for many inventions. And many scientists stole the idea of ​​many discoveries and continued to say their own.

About them telsa said that ''I don’t care that they have stole my idea, I care that they don’t have of their own''.

His invention: Ac electricity, wireless electricity, induction motor, tesla coil, Violet Ray, TeleForce, Neon Lamp, Wireless Telegraphy, Three phase Electric power, Tesla Turbine, Tesla valve, Vacume Variable Capacitor, shadowgraph, Tesla Experimental, Resonant inductive coupling, Polyphase system, Rotating magnetic field, Radio control, Plasma globe, 30Violet ray, Carbon button lamp, Telegeodynamics, Teleoperation, Torpedo, Vacuum variable capacitor, VTOL and many more.

Tesla tower

It is said that some his invention were made by some scientists in their own name.



Hydro Electric Power

Rader System etc.

But there are many contraverses about them.

Last life:

Lifelong unmarried Tesla has never been known to have an affair with a woman. He considered women superior to men in all respects. She never considered herself worthy of any woman. Moreover, a lonely life was necessary for a crazy man like him. Businessless Tesla has worked tirelessly all his life just for the welfare of the people. So even though he was the best in innovation at that time, he was not financially prosperous. Tesla died on January 8, 1943, in debt and alone, in room 3326 of the New Yorker Hotel.

Tesla in old age

Tesla was a great soul dedicated to the service of humanity. His only effort was to make human life easier by discovering the mysteries of nature. He was never driven by any business goal. He initiated a magical transformation by turning electricity into a relatively simple object. Nikola Tesla has been an inspiration to imaginative and selfless people for centuries through his amazing imagination and invaluable talent.

Tesla corner in New York

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