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Mental health: Depression, Anxiety

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What is mental health?

mental health may be defines as a person’s condition with regard to their psychological and emotional well-being. Mental illness can affect all aspects of your life. Your relationships, activities, beliefs and your social interactions can all be affected. It can make you depressed, anxious, scared or angry.

It could be because :

#We suffer from uncertainty:

-What exactly happened?

-What should i do now?

-What will be the benefit of treatment?

We are losing control of our mind and other situations. And think we have nothing to do. We feel isolated from family and friends. It is often difficult to talk about illness with relatives. We don’t want to make them think or hurt.

How do you feel when you are depressed or anxious?

Anxiety or depression overwhelms both our body and mind. Many times the two are at the same time. Feelings of anxiety: -There are always thoughts in the head, especially thoughts about the disease or the treatment of the disease -The worst that can happen is that it seems to happen. For example, it may seem that the disease will get worse, or we may die. Chest throbbing (throbbing chest) -Feeling of pain or tightness in the muscles -Not being able to relax -Sweat. -Not being able to enjoy anything -Not being able to decide on even small matters -It's always impossible to get tired -Feeling uncomfortable or restless -Loss of appetite and weight loss (in some cases the exact opposite, both hunger and weight gain) -Not falling asleep and waking up early in the morning.

When should you seek help If you have depression or anxiety?

Exceeds the level, You have never had such anxiety or depression before Its prevalence is not decreasing with time. Deteriorating relationships with your work. Hobbies, relatives and friends It seems that life has no meaning, or that everyone is better off without you. You may not realize that if you are depressed You think that the cause of your discomfort is physical illness. You feel lazy or weak.Others may reassure you. They may say that asking for help is not a sign of weakness. Some people immerse themselves in work to deal with depression or anxiety. In some cases, it works, but in many cases, people become more tired. Depression or anxiety often leads to headaches, insomnia or pain all over the body instead of feeling bad or scared. You can talk to your friends or relatives about it, they can help you.

That treatment is through talking:

It can be difficult to express your true feelings, even to a close friend. It is relatively easy to do to a professional. He can show you the way to solve the problem, and help you evaluate your problem. The treatment that comes with talking is usually not long-term, requiring no more than eight sessions. You can see a therapist individually or with a group. If you have a partner or carer, it is better if he is also involved. There are many ways to get treatment through words, but in all cases some words apply Mutual trust between patient and therapist Opportunity to talk openly about your thoughts, feelings and problems Anxiety, troubled feelings and trying to solve problems.

What will be the benefit?

Just talking to someone can feel scary or meaningless. But, once started, most patients (severely physically ill) benefit from it.

How to treat depression or anxiety?

There are many professionals who can help you. These include your homeopath, counselor, psychotherapist, psychologist, and psychiatrist. The treatment will depend on your symptoms, the severity of your depression or anxiety, and the circumstances around you. The treatment is sometimes talking, sometimes taking antidepressant pills, sometimes both.


Most of the time this type of problem is misinterpreted. If you want to know about mental problems all over the world, you need to study a lot. In this episode we have tried to give a general idea about mental health issues. Attempts have also been made to provide some information on why mental health is so important and to address this issue .

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Written by   17
1 year ago
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In the Corona Lockdown Situation we all are Going Sick mentally,we Have to stay in Houses all day

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1 year ago

You are right. This quarantine also makes mental health dwon.

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