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Problems that often arise in friendship relationships

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4 months ago

Having a close relationship with your group mates doesn't guarantee that the relationship will go smoothly without any problems.

In friendly relations there are often cold wars for trivial reasons. When in a relationship, it is required to trust each other, respect each other, and understand each other. But there are times when you and your friends end up fighting too.

Here are some problems that are often encountered in a friendship relationship :


Selfishness is actually a basic human trait, so don't be surprised if sometimes this trait suddenly dominates. But in socializing especially in establishing relationships with other people, including friendly relations.

You need to be able to control your egotistical nature, because the result of being too domineering often leads to fractured relationships. Usually in a friendship, selfishness affects you who tend to be selfish.

Rarely Communicate

If you have a true friend, it means that friendship is definitely special. But even so when you rarely communicate with friends, it can trigger a rift in the relationship.

As is known so far that communication is the main key in building a relationship with other people. So even though now your best friend is not by your side all the time, try to always establish communication to just let each other know.

Like the same crush

It's fun to hang out with people who have the same taste as you. But don't let your taste in partner matters backfire in your relationship with your best friend.

If you and your best friend have the same taste in partner issues, this will have a great opportunity for the phenomenon of fighting over a crush.

If that's the case, the relationship that used to support and understand each other turns into competing with each other.

Jealous of his new friend

Not only in courtship, jealousy also appears in the relationship of friends with friends.

Evidently if you are annoyed to see your best friend turns out to have other friends in the office and they often spend time together.

This is natural because you are actually afraid of losing a friend who is very valuable to you. But don't let the jealousy go too far so that you and your friends become tenuous because of this problem.

Rarely meet

It is a natural thing when you and your friends meet every day in college. However, when they graduate and have their respective jobs, it will make gathering times more difficult to determine.

Most likely the intensity of meeting will be reduced because of each other's schedules that are difficult to match. When you rarely see each other, it will usually make the relationship more tenuous because of infrequent communication and changes in each person.

Every problem must have a solution as long as we can be patient, patience is something that is very difficult to do, but patience is something that is incredibly beautiful.

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Written by   23
4 months ago
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You are right, all problems have a solution, it just takes a little effort and consistency to solve the problem.

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4 months ago

rarely communicate, maybe that's the cause that often happens, especially if people are familiar with Noise and read, Lol

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4 months ago