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It's as simple as this is my way to be happy

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3 months ago

The breeze tonight makes me more excited. You know what I like most on a clear night like this? Nothing but seeing millions of stars hanging in the sky without giving an inch of empty space there. Indeed, this kind of scene I often find on this earth in Indonesia, precisely in the village where I live. Very simple but for some reason every time I see it there is my own satisfaction that I feel.

Here my happiness is simple. Small natural surprises or the presence of friends are enough to make me happy.

I'm happy when the sweet potato leaves are still spread out behind my house, a sign that there are always alternative vegetables when I'm lazy to go to the field. Understandably, sweet potato leaves are rice's most loyal friend when it's not vegetable season in the village, especially during the harvest season like this.

I was happy when I searched for mangoes in the yard and found the fruit in the bush with my own labor. In my village, mango is public property, anyone can look for it as long as it has fallen from the tree.

I was happy when the cellphone that I hung on the 3 finger pole (the pole was three fingers wide) in front of the house rang, a sign that there was a signal that I was willing to attach myself to my flashlight cellphone even though it was only one beam. You know, only certain spots in the village have a signal, and even then if you're lucky.

I'm happy to be able to chat with the residents here while eating vegetables in front of the terrace of the house (it's hard to eat fruit here, it's more trendy to have vegetable salad).

I'm happy to be able to dance with the rain while throwing mud at each other with my friends in the field in front of the house. I am happy when the motorbike I ride manages to cross one bridge after another when I go to the village or to the city.

I'm happy to be able to run and throw myself into the river after the scorching heat of the sun on the earth of Indonesia even though I can't swim (the river is shallow, and I just splashed to the side...haha).

I am happy to be able to sit relaxed on the veranda of the house at dusk while enjoying boiled sweet potatoes while waiting for the signal to come. Simple isn't it?

Yeah, my happiness is simple, as simple as the way I enjoy the beauty of this night. But in this simplicity I am happy. (Kesugihan Kidul Village, Kesugihan District, Cilacap Regency, Central Java, Indonesia).

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Written by   23
3 months ago
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