Idealism: Smart or Stupid ?

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"Idealism is the last luxury possessed by youth," said Tan Malaka, one of Indonesia's independence heroes.

Honestly, I don't know what context he's talking about, but here I'm trying to reflect on my own subjective view of that sentence.

The most important part of a human's life is passion. we know where we are going, once we know where we are going, we can only figure out how to get there.without us knowing where we are going, all our efforts will be like leaves in the wind in the backyard, just turning here and there, it looks busy but not going anywhere.

• Direction.

Direction is important, this direction is born from a view, a dream, an ideal or an idealism that takes us to a place.

Many people say, you are too idealistic, stupid.

Are those words true or not ?

Are people who have idealism stupid ?

Are people who have idealism naive?

I don't think so.

People must have their own idealism, because if not, how will he know where he is going ?

If he doesn't know what and who he believes in, how will he determine the direction of his life, where will he go, how will he do it ? can't.

So, the only way we know where we are going is what our idealism is, what our beliefs are, what our ideals are, that will determine where we are going and that is idealism for me.

A naive person is a person who feels that there is only one way to get there.

We must not be wrong in determining which is absolute and which is relative. This is the danger, if idealism is something absolute that cannot be negotiated and must be fought for, then the way to achieve idealism is not something absolute, but something dynamic that can develop which can be adapted to the circumstances of each of us.

Naive people always think that to achieve an idealism it is in a way that he feels right and believes. Worse yet, many people who have that method, feel that idealism can be achieved only in one way that he thinks is the easiest.

Parable is like this, we wake up, we get out of the house, we know that we have to get out of the house.

The first question we must answer is where are we going?

We have no control over our lives, we walk not based on idealism or walk with one understanding that we want to go there.

People who have idealism are not naive people, but intelligent people. but an intelligent person can be stupid when he does not dare to take risks or is not willing to achieve his ideals.

• Idealism should be owned by everyone ?

For Tan Malaka, idealism is something that every youth should have. With his idealism, a person will not be easily shaken or will not easily compromise with people who are detrimental to the life of the nation and state.

If someone's behavior harms the nation or makes someone else even more devastated and there is no enthusiasm to get up and prepare to face the future, then that is not idealism but it is stupidity. but if someone's behavior is not detrimental in the present or future, then just continue that idealism.

idealism should lead to positive things, what people say must be digested first and use logic.

But, what if an idealism intersects with morals ?

Moral is always the basis for action, if it intersects with idealism, of course consider prioritizing Moral.

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An idealist also needs to speak even though the decision is on.

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Yupz, that's right buk.. Thanks :)

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