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I know your name

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2 months ago

I know your name, even the air around my room knows that it buzzes second by second every time I lay there. it seems my ceiling has its own solar system, and your face is the core of all the galaxies with all of this around it.

I know your name, even my gadget's internal memory knows that name that reduces space one by one every time I download your photos. seems sad and tired of my routine has its own host for what I saw there.

I want to ask God, about how He inserts the essence of Glucose in every expression on your face, sweetie.

I know your name. even though I've never even said that name directly in front of you.

I'm still like this, amazed waiting for the guts, until one day when I greet you, I want to dare to look into those eyes, that smile, that beautiful.

while begging God, to wrap

and mentally tape the momentum. as a reward for my capital smile the next day.

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