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Forgive and Apologize

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4 months ago

One of the shortcomings of humans is like to make mistakes and sin. Humans need a way to cover their shortcomings, especially sins against fellow humans. When others do wrong and sin is directed at us, we are taught to forgive. When we do wrong and sin against others, we are taught to apologize.

Forgiveness is a necessity for all human beings. Not just as a sign of guilt and an acknowledgment of all the mistakes that have been made. Apologizing and forgiving also make us human beings who are full of spaciousness and humility.

Of course there will be many people who are against this statement. They seem to deny that forgiving the wrongdoer should be done even if it is difficult. However, forgiving a mistake is not the same as forgetting a painful past.

Of course, these are not the same. Even if emotions approach, hating other people will not allow you to walk without a burden, you know. There are several reasons why even if it's difficult, you should be willing to force yourself to forgive others, even yourself.

Patience and Forgiveness

Patience is an attitude of restraining emotions and desires, and surviving in difficult situations by not complaining. Patience is the ability to control oneself which is also seen as an attitude that has high values ​​and reflects the strength of the soul of the person who has it.

The higher the patience a person has, the stronger he will be in dealing with all kinds of problems that occur in life. Patience is also often associated with positive behavior that is highlighted by an individual or someone.

In everyday life there are actions of other people that are not pleasing and even hurt us. When we keep it in the heart, the pain turns out to cause various physical and psychological impacts.

Heartache can be harmful to human health, heartache also makes the human heart filled with anger, resentment and hatred towards other people who are perceived as harming them. It is a source of human stress and depression.

A heart filled with negative energy will lead individuals to say destructive words, express anger in public, or blaspheme. Forgiveness is the process of stopping feelings of resentment, irritation, or anger because you feel hurt or wronged. Forgiveness itself is a person's willingness to leave anger, negative judgments, and indifferent behavior towards others who have hurt him unfairly.

Forgiveness is not easy, it takes a process and struggle to do it. Having kindness for ourselves and for others will make forgiveness possible. Psychologists believe that forgiveness has a very positive effect on health. Forgiveness is one of the positive characters that helps individuals achieve optimal levels in terms of physical, psychological, and spiritual health.

In recent years, forgiveness has become increasingly popular as a psychotherapy or as a way to accept and release negative emotions such as anger, depression, guilt due to injustice, facilitate healing, self-improvement, and improvement of interpersonal relationships with various problem situations. Including the understanding of asking forgiveness for them is praying for good for them, seeking good for them, and so on.

Forgiving people who have wronged you not only makes them free from guilt, but makes you even more grateful because you are still given the space to forgive others. So, are you ready to forgive people who have hurt you? Don't forget to forgive yourself first. Release yourself from all guilt about your past. Whatever and however your wounds are developing and tormenting you right now, try to forgive and struggle to accept whatever your circumstances are.


The word that should be said after making a mistake is "Sorry". Naturally, when you realize that you have made a mistake, even though it is difficult to say, it is still necessary to apologize to someone who has been "accidentally" hurt.

However, even if only one word why is it difficult to pronounce? Because in general we prioritize prestige, and because of the arrogance that is within ourselves. For example, because they feel they already have a much higher position, or because they feel richer, or smarter, or older.

Shouldn't we just forget about it all? Through this one word "sorry", it is enough to eliminate hostility and resentment, and we can re-establish a broken relationship, we can get a friend again, we can achieve peace and serenity in life again.

In everyday life, we convey so many words to others and so many actions we show to others. Among those tens to hundreds of words and deeds, it is very likely that some of them cause others to be angry. What do we do when we blame others? One of the knowledge that we have kept for a long time regarding this matter is that people's sins are not forgiven unless the victim or the injured person forgives.

Indeed, there is a possibility that people who are victims of our wrongdoing will forgive. However, it is also possible that he did not apologize. He harbored hatred and anger in his heart. If that's the case, sin remains within us. Therefore, a more proactive choice, namely apologizing, is a more sure option that guarantees the elimination of sins. Apologizing is definitely a form of personal humility and of course also a form of human courage.

Nations in this world respond to the mistakes they do to other people in different ways. Many European and American people appear gentle. Gentleman is a man who has a high standard of character or behavior. One of the most important traits they have is a willingness to apologize. They immediately apologized as soon as they made the mistake.

We believe that even if we do something wrong or shameful, there is still a way for someone to improve. The way to erase shameful actions or wrongdoings is to erase mistakes by social (apologizing to others) and spiritual (repenting to God) and doing good deeds by social (doing positive to others) and spiritual (doing good to God ways).

One positive thing that should be done to remove wrongdoing is to apologize. If the wrongdoing is directed at someone, the apology should be directed to the person or family who is the victim. If the blame is directed at many people, then the apology should be made openly, through the press. In addition, apologies actually have the benefit of preventing those who were the object of wrongdoing from engaging in destructive and aggressive actions.

As we know, often people who are the object of tyranny take revenge in a harsher way. Findings in social psychology show that aggressiveness is more often based on reasons for responding to aggressive words or actions of others. The problem is that the response is generally harsher than the pain a person receives.

This apology is useful for reducing the anger that is in the person who was wronged. Regret for past words or actions as well as promises not to repeat wrong actions serve to quell the anger that flares up in someone who has been hurt. When someone's name is mentioned guilty by the public, many of them are busy hiring lawyers to strengthen the alibi of innocence. They are also busy talking in the mass media that they are not involved. I think it would be more gentle if they say sorry and are ready to be prosecuted.

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Written by   23
4 months ago
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