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Build A Positive Attitude

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4 months ago

Attitude is a small thing but will make a big difference, attitude plays an important role in the success and happiness. A number of scientists at the world's leading universities reveal that humans can explore their potential deeper and wider with a positive attitude.

Based on the results of research from thousands of successful and educated people, it is concluded that 85% of the success of each individual is influenced by attitude. while ability or technical only plays a role in the remaining 15%.

There is a saying that says "your attitude is not talent or intelligence, but determines your level of success". We can continue to improve a positive attitude, but of course it takes a long time and is influenced by several factors.

There are three things that can make our positive attitude always strong, namely spiritual, aspiration and enthusiasm.These factors provide control over a person's attitude in having the best response to the events that are experienced.

Spiritual Strength

Spiritual power affects a person's ability to see the positive side of every incident. The power of faith makes a person able to interpret all these life phenomena as valuable lessons that can generate more value in oneself.

If a person is spiritually strong, he always views all failures, unpleasant events and all events that can make him fall as a plan from the creator. he will always be grateful even though there will still be tears. he is sad and hurt but he will quickly get back on his feet because he can always see from the positive side of someone or an event.

Attitude is also influenced by dreams

Someone who can always renew dreams, he will tend to be diligent, brave, confident or be more positive.

Big dreams will make someone try to adapt their attitude to be more tolerant, honest, assertive, initiative, big-hearted and so on.

People who have dreams will always be able to control their attitude with their thoughts. Therefore set a high standard so that your potential will continue to be increased. we always need dreams as a pulley towards attitudes in achieving more meaningful life progress.


When we are excited, at that time God always accompanies us, with that spirit humans create bigger dreams and try to get progress to achieve success.

There is no amazing progress to be achieved without enthusiasm, we can continue to increase our enthusiasm by filling every second of our time with positive habits.

If a person can maintain and increase the spirit of life in himself, then the attitude will become more focused so that we can enjoy the truly amazing things in this world.

Attitudes based on spiritual factors, dreams and strong enthusiasm are in fact always positive. Positive attitude itself greatly influences a person to be able to explore all potential in achieving success and happiness.

Attitude turns out to be the most important thing for our progress or happiness, now and in the future. Therefore, it is very reasonable to say Attitude Is Everything.

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Written by   23
4 months ago
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Black coffee is everything bro. Attitude is number two wkwkw

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