Ending afternoon

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Hello friends and family, I am so sorry to say that I was sick last many days. I just recover from it. I am ready to write my article and like to show you the beauty of romance through this. I always prefer love is a beautiful words which never can feel by fake people. But real lover always feel the sweet moment which happen in between them.

I am going to provide a lovely story where couple are going to spend some special moment in afternoon. The topics title selected is Ending afternoon. Let's start...

It's 5 pm. I woke up and freshened up.

Take the headphones and the mobile to the roof

Departs. The sleepy feeling of sleep still cuts


Towards the roof to take a deep breath

The house is 2 stores high so there is so much to go to the roof

It didn't take long. I pushed the gate as soon as I got on the roof

Moves a little. With the gate to move

The sweet light from the west came into view

Cover the eye with the back of the hand

Then he removed his hand again and said sweet

Adapt yourself to the light of the sun


Slowly the roof began to move to the left by Himel. A seating area on the left.

There is Himel went there and slept Pocket

Plug in the mobile with the headphone

Then go to the music player

Leaving Tahsan's song "Tomay Ghire"

The headphones sound in the ears. Full sound Gunter

Keep up the rhythm with the two hands by

The legs keep moving down.

Himel's hair and beard are a little bigger lately

Done. Not that I don't have time to cut.


Gets but a negligence towards himself

He has been working inside for some time


It is good to keep hair and beard big Himel.

There is a villain behind keeping hair and beard big

The story Have:

One-day sitting on campus with thoughts

To stay

Time Himel wants another girl

Bhabna is very angry at that. Bhabna


Himel tries a lot to explain

Nothing was going to provoke anger.


When Himel laughs a little at the thought

Thoughts twist Himel's big hair

Likes. And very much like beards or thoughts

Would have Taidarigulao left.

Now there is no thought in this world but his Good

These beards and hair are a reminder of Laga Leaving

Although he cut his hair occasionally, his beard

Himel does not make any cuts.

She died in cancer 5 years ago Thoughts.

Before that, two people were on the roof. Every afternoon got up Singing hand in hand and enjoying the afternoon

To do. Which now Himel does alone.

It took a long time to speak Songs too

One after another began to change. So long


Himel was keeping pace with the song. Now

The song "I heard you that day" is playing.

Leaving the high seating area to the west


Himel stood in front. Drowning in front

The first 2 lines of the song facing the sun

Himel said

> I heard that day you are the waves of the sea


> Blue water has touched the sea.

I know why he laughs after saying the line

Himel. Mucchimucci smiles. Then meditate on the song

Vejne became engrossed in the words of the mind

He kept saying to himself:

Where are you lost. I really remember

Reading your words. Can you hear me?

Few minutes he was in thinking and gave a smile.

I have to think

You're gone. But the one you gave me

Things love me so much and so do I.

I love it just like you

The habit is never done

Not like Bhola.

There is little time left for the sun to set. Evening


Thought. Running short legs from behind


The sound was heard but Himel could hear it

Not like that. Because of the sound of ear headphones

Nothing can be heard from outside. To set the sun

Himel let out a long sigh.

Looking west and above the railing Hand Give two.

Someone with Himel's right foot with both hands Kashe Has taken over Himmel.

Chader from behind the feet to look down Like A smile appeared.

Himel also saw it One

Mucchi got up with a smile. From the ear the headphones he lowered his hand and pulled it out Himel.

To turn the face away without leaving the hand

It looked.

Turning back, Himel grabbed the jump

Began to ask

> What happened Mamuni. What is angry with Papa?

Did you?

The one Himel is talking to is his 5

Of the year

The girl is alone.

Tanha turned her face to the other side

Laughing, he asked again:

> Tell me what happened Mamuni?

Tanha removed her hand from Himel's

 Every love should have happy ending. Thanks for my readers, Upvoters, comm-enters and subscribers.

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1 year ago


Everyone has rights to get true life partner. I hope I will also.

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1 year ago

Yes we all have rights to get true one.

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1 year ago

We often find a companion in life. We have to choose not just by appearance but also his inner desires towards us.

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1 year ago

you said deep words.

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1 year ago

I wish to get my life partner who will be so romantic and never left me. I want to walk with him long way till my last breath.

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1 year ago

I wish you will get it.

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1 year ago