My Beautiful

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3 years ago

The word beautiful is just to qualify little about you,you are worth more than this babe. Saying you're one of the most beautiful is an understatement. Babe you're the word beautiful. Am so lucky to have you love. Despite my all I am,you still accept me as I am.

You're my Inspiration, my Joy,my Life support, my future Queen,my future wife, my all in One. Babe you're everything to me, I just can't express how joyful I am to have you, in short, you're my special. How do I appreciate all you've done for me,I have nothing to offer you,yet you still give out of what you have. You're a special women, a one to die for,a one to fight for,a one to win for,a Wife material.

I didn't no what else to say than thank you. You're wonderful and I pray we last longer for each other.


This is dedicated to all the beautiful girlfriend out their who has been in support of their boyfriend, stand by them and support them in all there endeavour.

I say, you're wonderful and you're special.

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