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Change your dressing

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11 months ago

Shaitan is using you as his instrument, but you think you are doing the right thing.

Okay let me say some sisters. I just pity your grave.

Walahi that your beauty that you are proud of now will later be eaten up by termites.

Those tongues you brought out like bull dog

when taking Selfie,

Those two lips you joined together and pushed out like pig's own when taking selfies,

Those legs you curved like someone who has fracture of the legs when posing for selfie,

Those hair you add attachments to,

Those your eyelashes that you add attachments to

And those breasts of yours that you expose ½ of it, telling us you are wearing off shoulders will lead you into hell fire.

My dear sister if you don't repent and dress as *ALLAH SUBHANAHU WA TA'ALAH* told you to, you will see your grave and cry , WALLAHI no one will hear you then,

You will only suffer it alone.

All those people you are trying to impress with those acts then ,won't hear you again.

And you will cry and cry , you will seek for help and no one will help then.

So the only help I can do for you now is for you to read these messages and change.

Disappoint shaitan today and see the beauty of *ISLAM* in your life

For *ALLAH* is Oft-forgiving Most Merciful.

*SUNNAH* is only the best option for you.

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May Allah show us the right path,.Please pray for me so that i can obey the correct rules and sunnah.

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11 months ago