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Before you say: Its not worth it.

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1 year ago


Gazing at the blacks on my white leaf

For a voyage to the East; I had to leave

Why was it so hard I could believe?

But being a _“Call-up_ to duty

To the Hilltop; the _Coal City_

My way all from the _Pace-Setter_

Could it be other than my own _Letter_?

Encomium to the Lord for this given

As distant this, not as even heaven!

Till and after the hours next eleven

An encounter of a zigzagging flight

The daylight became a gloomy night

When the dusk was almost its dawn

A son of man famished up and down

Punctured the heart of my weary brawn

To and fro ply to no bearing an angle

Mapping our plight all thro' to Google

At last: welcome myself to _Awgu_

Mulling over the afore struggle;

This! an asylum for the beasts?

...Oh no! it is not worth it!


Was I yearning for what is dandy

Wanting to go back to mum and daddy

Un-lucky me, it is for now a tad tardy

They say: the weeks are of three

And we must double up in three(s)

Two-and-one (21) days are also three

For many a leaf make up a tree

Then I have my _Kay three-three_ (33k)

_Eeh You!_

_Last man!_

_Double up!_

_Everybody Squat down!_

The _cadets_ needed not to calm down

My legs wriggled Left-Right as is

And unable more to stand at ease

Still must I be alertly at attention

The cool ambiance was one of tension

After three elevens, FGN! what of pension?

My soul and flesh almost fainted

Wherein was all force _Regimented_

As I stood still for a while

You are all here to be agile

Go away! If you are fragile

Scorched: that as _Under the sun_

Mindless of whose daughter and son

Drenched: _And in the rain_ myself i mourn

I recall donning the shorts of white dress

What do we say to _Replace Hair-dress_

A loaf with the sugary browned-water

The sour taste of sweety condiments

The serially concocted honey beans

The softened stone-like “swallows”

The reddened yellowish porridges

A day to Monday _Oryza sativa_

Our “starvingly sumptuous sweetmeats”

_Passing Out_ of this “prison” of _Parade_

A recap of the _Unarmed Combat charade_

The phase of agility and _No Compromise_

_Self defense_ on a Street fight is as all fun and amazing

_Breaking the block_ of the _Pyramid,_ even on _Horse Riding_

Shortly, the world is _coronally_ falling _Viru-sick_

Getting a “pause” from the ravaging pandemic

Loss for the all, is the fiercely quickie-hooky

As hopefulness became jejune and emptied

was I still my way _allawee-d_ and salaried?

...had I not say it is not worth it...

When on my yearning to be more skilled

I met a chap namely the word _SA-ED_

Discovering the know-more of my creative self

A _Multipurpose_ one _Hall_ to better oneself

Did you hear me say now it is not worth it?

The experiences he somewhat garnered

The “tongue” she likely have added

The well crossed are their hurdles

Are all but our exceptional bundles

Worth not saying it is not worth it

Before you say it is not worth it

Eat then your cake and let’s have it

With you and me, I say: well is it

By the Supreme One: and so be it

Having still a talk to say beneath:

When the heart is aimlessly roaming

The emotion is of its ally:wandering

A _Youth_ got a “Consort” as _Service_ take-home

One who found his *alter ego* to his Rome?

can he then now boast it is not worth it?...

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Written by   76
1 year ago
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