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11 months ago

Rape is now World big causes.

Evry girls note save in the time now.

I just sold the world a remedy to shame, this no be comedy and its not a game, konji no be excuse my paddi no spoil your name, just lower your pride use Vaseline or do the soapy, e get how you fit run am my nigga keep it on low key, their no much difference between a racist and a rapist...

By the way she dress e no concern you, konji no be something garagara fit to handle, if you be woman on heat my sister use your candle, no harm in keeping to self, half of men for this world sense dey below belt

The girl scream you no hear

Dem no dey write am for face

The guilty ones bullying coded.

All am saying is chook your prick for hole or get a sex toy, cos the next victim for younder fit be your first boy, tell me how you want respond

If bad gang kill your first born

Your pikin and landlord fit dey chawuuz, based on settlement

This kind thing e no be news,

This thing sad cos e dey happen inside house too,

Close mark all your people any one can do foul moves


Our society bad, I hear say ikemute tete dey kpansh d dad

The mother sef

No kuku know

Small time innocent

Girl fon dey meet ojuju o

Since 7 years papa Emeka

Don dey finger am

Na the neighbor

Blue film been the thing wey

Dey ginger am

Mean while at 10

She Don dey rush prick

And dem don dey leak her plate

Before she reach 12 she Don

Dey gist her friend about

Club Chic's lots of gin and cigarette

small thing Anita Don pop pills,

Carry load run from house dey live with Austin wey been dey sell Igbo that year for cabala custain

Evil that men do live with them,

But most times,

na the same thing wey dey kill them,

E dey happen everyday we no need to dey pretend, if we no fit protect the kids somebody tell me why we bring them, My people focus on your children, No let anybody feed dem

Cos na by play play play play

penis dey enter yansh

Our kids dey learn am fast

Once dem remember cash

This days idi hard to

live children with uncle

anty or cousins

Rape cases don dey

Pile up they victimised

in thier dozens

To fight against the crimes

We got to be on the look out

And if youre guilty of this sin

you got repent you got to pull out...

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Avatar for Rikta
Written by   187
11 months ago
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Many bad deeds have increased in the country. The first of them is Rep.

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11 months ago

excellent post my dear,,,i like this post

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11 months ago

The period after rape is difficult, we experience a whole range of reactions and feelings in it. Soon after the rape, the victim experiences a sudden change in feelings; the transition from fear, tears, and confusion to a “phlegmatic” phase in which she “turns off” feelings and wants to forget what happened to her is quick. The victim in the first period after the rape gives the family false signals that she has recovered, even though this is just a form of “wound licking”. This phase can last from a few days to a few months. It is also characteristic that the victim postpones decisions (including the one about reporting the event to the police), does not express emotions and gives the impression that everything is in the best order, as it used to be. In fact, it is healing, but it is not yet completely cured. He is trying to distance himself emotionally from the trauma, but he still needs the help of family and friends, no matter what impression he is trying to make.

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11 months ago