How to Write about a Cryptocurrency ?To all Tip-Hopefuls Churning Articles About Bitcoin Cash

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2 years ago

First of all , you shouldn’t write for Read.Cash just for the fleeting pursuit of a tip. Let the tip become your reward for writing quality and valuable content.  

The number of blockchain writers and contributers is expanding and the blockchain is as big to accommodate all of them.

So there’s no need to rush. 

Learn the ropes and as it’s the mission at Cointelegraph, Coindesk, Tronweekly, Zycrypto - aspire to provide the highest quality of content, make it valuable, make it actionable. 

My name is Richard M Adrian - a contributor for leading cryptocurrency publications namely Tronweekly, Cryptoknowmics, Zycrypto, Cryptocoinsociety, Blockchain.Info and Cryptopolitan. 

Writing for Read.Cash

I think Read.Cash is buit to reward writing - and writers ought to take pride in their work in order to win the hearts of the community. 

Lately , we have all seen authors on the platform write about Bitcoin Cash and tag @MarcDeMesel their articles. 

This is after Marc’s last and very generous tip of over $11,000 to one of the platform’s contributors.  The writers trying to make a living out of the platform are however making one big mistake - they are just writing for tips and this is why in the past few days ; the news feed is full of Bitcoin Cash articles. 

I am not against writing about Bitcoin Cash and in no way am I condemning these writers. 

In fact , writing about Bitcoin Cash should be encouraged and I also encourage more writers to keep reporting about the cryptocurrency. I also urge more of the big names on the platform to keep rewarding quality articles about Bitcoin. 

Remember we are all here courtesy of Bitcoin Cash and as proponents we should even sing at church.  

But one thing is clear,  most of the articles are not well researched. Good writing should have clarity, should be well-planned and should offer value. 

You will notice the research on recent articles on our dear platform are rushed and not researched according to standards. Again good writing should be smooth, interesting and to the point. 

Here are things you should observe when writing your cryptocurrency article: 

  1. Have clarity and focus - Put your reader in mind and consider they could be completely unaware of the topic you are talking about.  Imparting the wrong knowledge on readers who are following up financial markets could end up paining their investment decisions. Be clear, remain focused and pass your message in the most straightforward and concise way. 

  2. Provide Value -Readers are more inclined to read something that adds value to their life. Even the information you impart is value and with information - an audience can easily make wise decisions. For example, tell your readers why Bitcoin cash matters and why it will be more valuable than Bitcoin in years to come. And dont just stuff, back your information with data and facts. 

  3. Structure - Ensure you structure your article accordingly.  This will give your readers an easy time going through the content. Have short paragraphs ( 1 - 4 sentences).  Use bullet points and make sure you have subheadings in the right place. Have an intro, a body and a conclusion. If you are writing a price/market analysis, include some charts and tables  to back up your information

  4. What are Other People Saying about the Topic - Consider other articles and what different opinions other people hold about the topic. Research on blogs, look at tweets and back up your article with clarity and depth. Ensure you make it easy for your audience to trust you as an authoritative source of knowledge. 

  5. Personal touch and Appeal - Finally let your readers know you are the pundit in this topic. Let them feel you have the experience about what you are saying by complementing your article with personal stories. Anecdotes are the life of any piece of writing. They provide an intimate connection between you and your readers . Also remember to read more  - Techies say Garbarge in, Garbarge out. Read great stuff about decentralization, markets and you are definitely going to churn out great articles. 

Also remember SEO is important. Optimize your articles to rank on search engines.  Use keywords and use them sparingly. Include an image or two on your article. Go an extra mile and find out what cryptocurrency news is trending. 

Figure out how these news are affecting marketing trends and establish a connection between the news, your audience and the future of the cryptocurrency. 

Also tailor your writing style to accommodate web readers. Web readers have a short attention span and you  therefore need to make things easier for them. Use simple words, avoid jargon at all costs. 

Include outbound links and also do guest posts in some other places to acquire backlinks for your articles. Dont just sit and write - plan, plan , research , research and write. 

You should also share what you write on social media - is great as it pays you for that. The affiliate program pays you if people you referred here earn or spend  Bitcoin Cash.

There is nothing as a thick line between good and bad writers. What matters are things you read and your ability to digest that and offer life-chaging insight. 

All the Best. 

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Thank you for your valuable insights! As a writer/newbie crypto enthusiast, your recommendations are noted. :) Looking forward to reading your posts on those crypto publications you mentioned!

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2 years ago

Welcome and anytime. You can check out my author profiles at and Tronweekly as Richard M Adrian. Thank You

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